Friday, March 24, 2006


Here's a brilliant article written by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that I found in the LA TIMES.

Here's an excerpt from the first paragraph:

"THE BUSH administration's newly unveiled National Security Strategy might well be subtitled "The Irony of Iran." Three years after the invasion of Iraq and the invention of the phrase "axis of evil," the administration now highlights the threat posed by Iran — whose radical government has been vastly strengthened by the invasion of Iraq. This is more tragedy than strategy, and it reflects the Manichean approach this administration has taken to the world."

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ShadowFalls said...

Seriously, Bush needs to stop creating more enemies for the country. I am getting sick of him talking for the American people, I don't share his views at all.

Sure Iran may have radical views, but who is the US to say what they can do with Nuclear Technology? Heck, what gives the right for the US to not allow any country to have any nuclear weapons.

Believe me, the "we are more responsible" idea just won't fly.