Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bush, the Salesman

That was the headline for this Washington Post editorial. There's no denying that's what Bush is doing. He's a door-to-door salesmen, trying to sell people a war they don't want and can't afford anymore. He might as well be selling abortions or vacuum cleaners, he'd probably do a little better.

It just seems silly to me that he has to go on the offensive about the war. He should be on the defensive. He should be the one with the burden of proof. Not us.

Even prominent Iraqi's whom we support are calling Iraq's problem Civil War. How long will it be until the administration realizes this, admits it then deals with it head on?

Because of their pig-headedness and resistance to "flip-flopping" in the face of changing conditions and facts, who knows.

Who knows how long it will be before all the war in Bush's black sales bag is sold out and all he has left to sell is a little peace.

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