Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This American Life

I listened to this on the radio after I got home from the hospital on Sunday. It was a fantastic and informative piece of journalism.

It discusses the failures of Guantanamo and how it's filled less with terrorists and more with our mistakes. One story on there outlines a pair of brothers who spent 3 years in Guantanamo being interogated for a satirical wanted poster of Bill Clinton they printed in 1999. Their satire (it sounded as though it was a middle-eastern version of Mad magazine) published a joke about a local politician who took offense and turned them over to the Americans where they spent over 150 interogation sessions discussing their "plot" to kill Bill Clinton. (The poster was a satire about the Lewinsky scandal, the reward amounted to about $4.)

Three years. 150+ interogations.

Apparently the entire Guantanamo file is more full of cases like that than actual potential terrorists.

Why can't we see this on MSNBC or CNN? Why can't we get stories like these on our televisions? I would say that this show was one of the most engaging hours of radio I have ever listened to and I would advise everyone to listen to it if they can.

It's interesting, informative and infuriating...

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