Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Lapse in Posts

Sorry about the lapse in posts. I thought I was better from being sick and then got kicked in the ass by a relapse that was worse than the whole initial illness.

I was in bed for a couple of days.

I got to watch all 6 Star Wars movies, back to back to back, etc. Being bed-ridden is the only time I can afford to sit down and do that. It's what Star Wars is for. I've being using Star Wars as a distraction for illness for at least 20 years. It's just a much longer distraction now, thank Christ.

Anyhow, I wanted to chime in here and offer a few of my Oscar picks. I'm sure I'll be back later this evening to bitch about how much I still hate the Oscars and how wrong I was, but whatever.

Best Picture - Brokeback Mountain. I'd like to see Munich or maybe Capote win, but I didn't actually see Brokeback Mountain, it's got that much buzz that I'm just assuming it's going to win.

Actor in a Leading Role - Heath Ledger. This is a tough one. I could imagine all of them winning, but this prediction is based on my "Brokeback Sweeps the Oscars" theory. Joaquin could also take it, though. He did win the Golden Globe, but what does that mean? I think Phil Hoffman deserves it the most though. If you take into account body of work and variance of characters across his career and excellence of performance in the nominated film, Phil Hoffman is certainly the front runner.

Actress in a Leading Role - Reese Witherspoon. I fell in love with Reese's June Carter. I think everyone else did, too.

Best Director - George Clooney. I think best picture and director are going to split this year. I think Clooney is going to take it for "Good Night and Good Luck" (which was amazing) and he'll be given the opportunity to bitch about the current climate of fear in the media against the Bush administration. Since that's the content of his film and the context of his award it would be completely justified.

Best Supporting Actor - Paul Giamatti. I want Clooney to win this for Syrianna, but I think the Academy is going to give Pig Vomit the consolation prize for his getting snubbed completely for Sideways.

Best Supporting Actress - Catherine Keener. Everyone loves Harper Lee. Hell, I named my daughter Scout.

Best Original Screenplay - Syrianna. I don't know if it will win since it should be in the "adapted" category but it was one of the most complex yet simple screenplays I've ever seen. It's the type of structure you'd have to pull all of your hair out to write and Gaghan made it look easy.

Best Adapted Screenplay - Brokeback Mountain. 'Nuff said.

I'll leave the rest in here. I will say though, the best documentary of the year didn't even get nominated. New York Doll, hands down: Best Documentary of 2005. (I'm obligated to point out that This Divided State is a close second, but that's just warrior mentality.)


We'll come back later and see how poorly I did.

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