Friday, July 01, 2005

War of the Worlds

I have very little to say about War of the Worlds, I have much more to say about the cinema experience. What I will say about War of the Worlds is this: the first minute and the last four minutes are five of the worst minutes of film in film history. The intervening 100 minutes are absolutely breathtaking. After Spielberg is done with his first minute of pandering the movie has all the wonder and excitement of a classic spielberg film and it barrels like a freight train toward
the most nonsensical ending Spielberg has ever devised. I would highly recomend this picture to anyone who likes Spielberg pictures.

But be forewarned about the horrible five minutes of movie it contains.

As far as the cinema experience, I think movie going has lost it's class. It's turned into: go in, watch really ugly, boring slides set to overly loud bad music, watch some commercials, watch a few trailers hoping one is at least for a good movie, watch some tags to remind what theatre your at and what sound system they've let fall into disrepair and then you watch your movie. Then as soon as the credits begin to roll, you are quickly assaulted by 3 teenagers with brooms
trying to get you out as fast as possible.

This is not a quality movie experience.

I've paid $7.50 for a movie ($3 or $4 too much if you ask me, but that's a different post) I don't
want to see commercials. I don't want to see trailers that are bad. Put the trailers at the end of the movie (see, they "trail" the feature). Let those willing to sit through the credits watch them.
Before the movie starts you need to go back to the old days, make it an event: Play a part of a serial, put some cartoon shorts, a news reel. Entertain people. Movies are for people to be entertained. ENTERTAIN THEM! Don't bore them to death before the feature, it'll drain the life out of the audience and they become ambivelent to the movie. I've seen it happen to me. I've seen Revenge of the Sith 13 times. It's so goddamned draining to have to watch a trailer for that nut-filled-turd "Stealth." And that annoying Fandango commercial and those "filmmaker
coke kids" commercial. It's all the worst. Put on a serial that has a like audience interest similar to the feature, a couple of cartoons and you'll rally people back around the movie going experience. Why go to the theatre as opposed to watching tv (aside from the quality differences) when you get the same packaging of commercial filled crap anyway? I know my kids would sit through movies alot better without the commercials. And a Bugs Bunny cartoon would keep their ass planted in the seat before the picture.

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