Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nothing Funny About Vomit

The Quad Theater in New York City has signed on to show THIS DIVIDED STATE starting in August. That's 6 signed theaters with 10 or 15 more in the check out line. Thanks to Bryan for working his ass off to get things done.

Well, our financial "investor" pulled out like a chicken shit last week and left us close to $12,000 in license fees. This is the guy who just a month ago shook my hand, looked me square in the face and said "you'll get your money" and "this won't be a problem at all". Well, after denying that that meeting ever happened, he disappeared into the a cellular wind, never to be heard from again. At that point, we were so fucked. Luckily, my wife had a perfect credit record and we were able to acquire $12,000 within 24 hours. Look for my wife's name on the poster and DVD cover. It's right next to the word "PRODUCER".

Honestly, I think Elias, Bryan, Michelle and I are going to write a book about how to be poor, 20-something kids and make an independent film in this day and age. It would be a kind of "how to" memoir with stories such as stealing your neighbor's wireless internet connection on your daughter's bed in order to send press releases across the nation (we got one bar of internet signal only from her bed for some reason). And who can forget the classic adventures of dressing up like Mormon missionaries and walking around Santa Cruz passing out invitations to come see our movie. Or being sued by angry rich Republicans. Or having your power shut off at your apartment because you're spending all your dough on a film festival. Also included: tales of stealing and shop lifting a lot of stuff because you're poor. Fuck you if you think that's wrong.

I need to deliver THIS DIVIDED STATE to New York by the 27th. I'm getting all the deleted scenes and extras edited together and ready to go. It's quite an endeavor. In fact, it never ends. I serously need a vacation from what I love to do. I need time to begin work on our next little project (hopefully to be off the ground soon).

I sometimes turn to alcohol to ease the pain. Lesson: Liquor before beer, nothing to fear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker. God, I learned this the other night watching The Swillers at APG's. 3 beers, then a shot of Jim Beam, then a Hurricane, then vomit. Nothing funny about vomit.

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