Thursday, July 21, 2005

As Good as Star Wars

(NOTE: This Post was re-timed to appear below Steve's article that's right above it.)

If he gave Revenge of the Sith 2 1/2 stars and that movie is one of the 6 greatest films of all time, then him giving us 2 1/2 stars is something like a compliment. I think as a reviewer his credibility has been shot repeatedly. To be honest, I love everything about the City Weekly except the movie reviews. Scott Renshaw has always been as bad, if not worse, of a reviewer than Eric Snider who used to write for the Herald. They both have this snide (no pun intended), immature take on films. I don't feel like he was obligated to give us a good review, but he's certainly out of step with every other film-reviewer in the world who has seen this film.

Well as they say, those who can't do teach. And one step further than that, in my mind, if you're too stupid to teach, you criticize. That's where film critics like that go.

And, like Steve said, he's found some really shitty movies amusing. I think, deep down Scott Renshaw is a conservative, but for the sake of his job at an alt-weekly, he's keeping that to himself.

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Elias said...

I don't mind a mediocre review, but in our defense, anyone who praises Mr. and Mrs. Smith (4 stars from Scott Renshaw) as one of the years best probaly isn't your best bet for a reliable or informed critique of any independent documentary. The review itself didn't seem all that negative really... Maybe we should have gotten Morgan Freeman to narrate the film so people (Scott Renshaw) could "get it". Or maybe the average documentary fan doesn't need every little bit of information to be scooped off their chin and spooned back in their mouths. What do you think?