Sunday, July 24, 2005

Audio Commentary

We (Steve, Elias, Michelle and I) just got back from recording the
Audio Commentary for the DVD release. It was one of the few times in
making a film that is actually fun. Film is generally torture. It's
a torture that you love, but a torture nonetheless.

Anyhow, I'm hoping Steve puts some photgraphs of us recording it up
here on the blog.

I've been coaxing him to but he doesn't have a lot of available time
to do much other than finish the bonus features for the DVD.

Also, after consulting the hard numbers, we had way more people show
up to Saturdays screenings than Fridays, so let's hope it snowballs
even further. I'm not sure many more people could fit in the Tower
though. The lobby is a tiny video store. It is, however, arguably
the coolest theatre in Utah.

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