Monday, July 18, 2005

Back from California

Well, I'm back from California and the trip was great. We met lots of
cool people and are steps closer to announcing our next project,
whatever that may be.

Also, like Steve said, even in California I've been working my ass off
to book theatres to play This Divided State.

Here's where you guys have a chance to help. You guys can all email
me the city you're from and your favorite art house theatre and I can
let you know how close we are to booking a theatre in your city and
what you can do to help. (email me at

I got to catch Bryan Singer at his Superman panel, and Superman
Returns looks AMAZING. I think alot of people might be pissed off
about the movie, but screw those people. It looks great.

I also got to watch the first 10 minutes of The Fountain. Darren
Aronofsky is a genius. Elias got to ask him about Cat's Cradle (a
kick-ass Kurt Vonnegut novel I would highly recomend) which he was
rumoured to be directing. It's not happening unless he can figure out
a way to do it.

They showed 3 minutes of King Kong as well. I hate to just sound like
a cheerleader, but this looks kickass too. Also, the Tenacious D
concert was great. They did a cover of Queen's Flash theme and a
whole medly from Tommy (pinball wizard, etc...)

Anyhow, back to work. I look forward to hearing about theatres you
guys want to see the movie in.

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