Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Indy Media Rage

I finally have 5 minutes to sit down and write a post. Our little company, Minority Films, consists of 4 brave souls. Me, Elias, Bryan and Michelle. In the past 7 months, the 4 of us have single handedly taken THIS DIVIDED STATE on a national college tour, been featured in over 200 national press publications, been on NPR 4 times, sent out over 500 press kits, got the film picked up for DVD distribution in September, and are currently booking theatrical screenings across the nation. Fucking A. Seriously, all this has been a torturous crash course in independent documentary filmmaking. It's not about just picking up a camera and hitting "record". We've learned so much. And so goes on the rise of INDY MEDIA. People are now turning to alternative media for daily info rather than the nightly propaganda entertainment machine called network and cable news. Alternative media is the new wave of my generation and I embrace that. And THIS DIVIDED STATE is happy to be part of that.

PS. Music licenses are a bitch. And fuck EMI.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of music licenses, ignore and avoid the RIAA, www.boycott-riaa.com

They try to say they have a monopoly on music, but take a stand and ignore them like you ignore the nightly news propaganda.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Scrutiny Hooligans on a tip from J.C. Christian at Jesus' General posted your film info.

Good luck!!!