Monday, April 30, 2007

Ralph Nader's remarks about commencement

Here they are.

On a side-note of mild relation, I read Ralph Nader's book "The Seventeen Traditions" over the weekend. And I'm glad I did it in one sitting, as Nader asked me to.

It was an excellent read and made me respect the man even more deeply than I had before. I really think that this would be the book to buy someone if you wanted to slowly convert them to the wise thinking of Ralph Nader.

It outlines the seventeen traditions of his homelife and upbringing that shaped him as a person and it is in no way political. It's a home-spun book of knowledge that felt like it would be right at home with non-partisan books of wisdom of Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln.

I would seriously suggest you buying it and giving it to a conservative friend, and maybe you might just find that you have a mutual respect for the man.

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