Friday, April 27, 2007

PICTURES for now...

I basically didn't sleep at all last week, so I'm too tired to pour out my heart and soul about the amazing event Thursday night. I'll post something by Monday morning. For now, here are some pictures (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

Ralph Nader and Jack Healey with "THE BYU 25".

Ralph Nader and me.

Elias, Ralph Nader, Me, Bryan, Josh, and Jason.

Ralph Nader signs our film release form.

Jack Healey speaks to students at Ashley Sanders' house.

Me and Pat resting during a protest fund raiser.

This was the number of hits on our blog the Friday
our "BYU Protest" video hit the web. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steven,
It's good that you are posting pictures of yourself again. Please post some close-ups so we can see if there's any progress on your wall-eye.

Anonymous said...

for more information on wall-eyes, go to

ted said...


a friend of Ted said...

Walleyes, Ted, Walleyes. more info here:

Anonymous said...


Steven said...

Lame why?

Cuz you'll never be able to do anything like this ever in your life?

Or lame, cuz you just don't get it?

evan austin said...


THANK YOU for your coverage of these important events! (i'm sure you've heard this a million times).

it would boggle me if you're NOT aware of this, but just to be completely thorough: check out Mormons for Equality and Social Justice as a resource and organizing partner for future on-campus (and off) actions!

peace, brother!
-evan in California
superher0 (at)

Hot in Salt Lake said...

Oh my God. Enough about the damn Wall Eye! You idiot! Get a fucking life.