Thursday, April 05, 2007

BYU Daily Universe

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I was interviewed for a piece in the BYU Daily Universe about the whole BYU-Dick Cheney commencement thing.

Here it is, it seems to have ran yesterday.

I think my quote is fairly representative of both what I said and how I feel:

Bryan Young, a producer for Shine Box Media Productions, participated in making the movie "This Divided State" when Michael Moore came to UVSC. Young said they are planning to create another movie about Vice President Cheney's visit because of the extreme controversy this has created for BYU and non-BYU students alike.

Young said it is encouraging to see that protests are happening and that people will have their chance to speak up about this issue. He said while they aren't protesting his right to speak, they are protesting his policies.

"I think it's great that people feel that they can go out in the streets and protest in a peaceful way," Young said. "I think protests always empower students to feel like they're a part of the democracy."

I want to reiterate that although I may seem to be leaning to the left on this issue, our filming is strictly non-partisan. We're working our hardest to cover all angles of the issue for our journalistic film, despite what some people might accuse us of.

There's a reason that "This Divided State" was called the first successfully balanced political documentary.


Anonymous said...

I am having a very hard time understanding why you don't want Cheney there to talk. I have heard a few excuses, but I thought BYU was a Mormon school--Latter Day Saints. Now, at this important time in our year-Easter, what better time to act like Christ and forgive him for his actions and accept him as a fellow Christian? Oh, thats right, Mormons don't like to be called Christians--thats what the rest of us are. The ones who follow Christ's teachings.

liza said...

Since when are students at BYU allowed to practice freedom of speech? They can't use certain words, and don't approve of them being used by other people. They all speak the same language. Why are they now being allowed to disagree with anything that is said by the higher ups in the school? Even the way they live while in school is doctrined by the officials of the school--the way they dress, the classes offered, anything that offensive to the Mormon religion is not acceptable. Freedom of speech--no, its fear of sexual orientation- accepting gays into their community--and there are many living down there.

Roberto said...

I live in Holladay UT and write two liberal blogs one on Public Radio and TV Stations in Utah (, and the other on News on Radio, TV and in the Newspapers ( I would like to be listed on your list of favorite blogs. I will list your site on my blogs. Can we make a quid pro quo?

Roberto in Utah