Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bryan's Two Cents

I'm sure, by now, most of you have read the preposterously biased Deseret News smear piece and Steve and Adam's responses.

I just wanted to add in something that they missed.

While Carri Jenkin's, the BYU spokesperson, accuses us of misrepresentation, at no time does she deny the fact that BYU Administraters designated a small orange square for free speech, took the student's signs away and looked on with indifference as the President of the college treated them with disrespect at a public forum.

There's really no denying that any of it happened. And plenty of media paid attention to the peaceful sit-in protest (admirably, I might add) and we merely found the one story that was overlooked by everyone else.

The truth to our video must be quite immense if BYU and the Deseret News (loosley affiliated with the church, and in turn BYU) would kick their spin machine into overdrive in a vain attempt to discredit us. The footage and the facts are on our side and they know it.

Shame on them and their Orwellian notions of journalism.

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Randy - Utah Conservitive Democrat Blogger said...

hey Bryan thanks for the info on my blog. I Would really like To Find the Reson The Deseret News did This and why BYU Killed Free Speech.