Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Paging Dr. Cheney

I wrote this piece for Huffington Post.

It's about Cheney getting an honorary doctorate from BYU tomorrow.

It's pretty much worth reading.


Anonymous said...

Any updates on the alternative commencement? your DailyKos fans eagerly await news!

Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen said...

It was fun seeing you guys filming at the alt commencement. Can't wait to see what you put together.

Johnny McWisdom said...

I can't wait to see what kind of crazy yarn you nutty guys will spin editing the uneventful footage from yesterday's happenings.

Steven said...

Johnny McWisdom,

Oh, I'm sure you can't wait.

In fact, I'm sure that's all you'll do for the rest of your life...

...wait for others to make history.

johnny mcwisdom said...

or make up history you do.

oh, snap!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Johnny sounds SOOOOO intelligent.

Oh! SNAP!!!

johnny mcwisdom said...


THAT's your comeback?

Oh! Dear!!!

Steven said...


Prove it.

cowboy said...

Okay, my only experience with a video camera is when I have experimented with the video recorder on my Motorola V3xx cell-phone. However, I do recognize a couple of things as related to photo/video journalism…tricks of the trade…namely: cropping for the desired effect.

Case in point: The local television news agencies in Utah were woefully inaccurate with their portrayals of the protestors on the late evening news. Close-ups on the protestors in SUPPORT of Cheney’s visit made it look like there were many in attendance. In actually there were less there hosting the “Welcome Cheney” demonstration than at the at the Subway Sandwich shop close by.

Then FOX news (naturally) cropped the video feed of their live report on the alternative commencement exercise to a show a dearth of attendants. They only showed the block of mostly EMPTY seats and did not give an accurate representation of just how many did, in fact, attend the ceremony in Orem, Utah. Most of the hundreds of people were seated on the main floor of the auditorium. You would not have known that from the reporting from some of the local Utah video news broadcasts.

So, to some Utah TV News Producers: We are not ignorant to your tricks. Your audience is much more savvy than you expect.

I cannot understand why news agencies are afraid of showing the realities.

wiz kid said...

note to cowboy: hundreds of people in an arena that seats 8000 is going to look empty without animation.

Anonymous said...

I love this Cowboy guy!

Steven said...


You said, "or make up history..."

I said, "Prove it."

Wiz Kid,

Official tally of attendees last night was 1,400 people. Sorry to disappoint you.

And seriously, for 25 students to pull that shit off in 10 days is commendable.

So, go fuck yourself.


cowboy said...

To those 1400 people: A tip of the hat! There are signs of great character in some of those graduates last night!

And another chapter in democracy in action in Utah is over.

The focus now: Hannity -vs- Anderson in Salt Lake City in May.

But first!, the FRONTLINE series on the Mormons. I wonder if they will touch on the "blind obedience" angle? Or the Infallibility of the Church?

Really, and seriously, I could not ask for better ‘reality’ TV.

johnny mcwisdom said...

oooooh! I thought you meant prove that you were posting as anonymous and yourself, which was a pretty stupid thing to ask, since it's so obvious that you do that. I didn't know that your habit of embellishing topics was such a sore spot. Sorry dude, but that's pretty obvious too.

Oh, and before you crawl up wiz kid's ass, you might want to learn how to read. Reading really has helped me in my life. (Lot's of people actually). After you take some adult education classes and learn how to read...Wait, maybe this is why you always fudge on the facts! YOU NEVER LEARNED TO READ!!! Oh, you poor boy.

But I've digressed. Cowboy said:

"Most of the hundreds of people were seated on the main floor of the auditorium"

HUNDREDS. that's what HE said. HUNDREDS. COWBOY said hundreds. Cowboy. Hundreds.

So go read to yourself.

(when you learn how, I mean)


Steven said...


No, you don't get it.

I really want you to prove it.

Torben B said...

Uneventful events? How so? Did you actually attend any of the events? Could you pull off over 20,000 dollars and 1,400 people with nationally renowned speakers in two weeks? Anyone that actually went to the events felt the spirit of the events. Word.

Becky said...

HAHA! This is SO funny! People are so jealous! It's kind of cute...

It is SO obvoius that this Johnny McWisdom has to keep proving himself. If youre so WISE, MR. Mc"Wisdom", why do you have to prove that you can read?

Gues who else can read? My 4 year old nephew! Wow....

Why don't you talk about some REAL issues instead of trying to prove people wrong?

Becky said...


evan said...

*vigorously shaking head*

to come back to the original post (i know, this is the nature of blogs), GREAT piece, Bryan. your analogies are poignant and your outrage is severely justified. great work!