Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adam Barlow's Response to The Deseret News

Steven Greenstreet has leaned toward sensationalism in his some aspects of his blog writings. One in particular, that is worth citing, is when he basely characterized Pres. Samuelson's response, to my question, by saying that Samuelson was saying, in effect, "go f*** yourself". This is obviously not what Samuelson said and therefore is, as I said to the Deseret News reporter "a gross misrepresentation of what was said."

However, I do not believe and I did NOT say, that the video itself grossly misrepresented the events following the protest.

Those were the events as they happened (condensed and dramatized, but hey, that is the medium we call film). Pres. Samuelson's response to my question was exactly as shown. I think it is intuitive that Steven Greenstreet would focus on the controversial in this 3 min clip. However, I expect and am confident that when a full length documentary is released from Shinebox Studios on the subject of this entire controversy, that all sides will be shown with as little bias as possible.

Hopefully, with far less bias than that shown by the reporting of David Rasmussen from The Deseret News.

-Adam Barlow


sara said...

Amen, Adam. Amen.

Hellmut said...

Hi Adam, your friends and you are doing a great job and I wish you all the best.

Having said that, in my opinion, Steven's report was actually pretty accurate. Samuelson's response to you was condescending and dismissive. He might not have literally used these exact words but "go f*** yourself" is a pretty good description of Samuelson's mind set.

Samuelson made it very clear that he is the alpha male and he behaved accordingly. You did not call him by his first name and he should have returned the courtesy. More importantly, there was a need for Samuelson to justify the confiscation of private property. In lieu of that he should have apologized.

Instead, Samuelson chose to blow you off and treat you in a domineering way. It's only appropriate when Steve points that out.

Insult Comic Dog said...

Condescending and dismissive...about sums it up.

I also see it as roughly equivalent to an "F You" but there's room for disagreement there, I suppose.

Cowalker said...

I watched the Q&A session in the video. Samuelson didn't really answer your question "What is the school afraid of?" because he didn't explain the school's actions. It sure LOOKED like they were afraid of something. It was as though he were saying, "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?"

He could have said they were acting to prevent vandalism or fighting, but the video certainly didn't indicate that those were possibilities. Then he turned away from you even before he finished talking to you so you couldn't follow up. And it's not as though the room were full of people with questions.

Sorry. I think you pretty much got a "Go F*** yourself as an answer."