Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Protest Update

We covered the BYU-Cheney protest today. I guess this is turning into a full-blown follow up to This Divided State.

You can read about my harrowing adventures on campus today (or what I'm willing to spill the beans on at the moment) over at Huffington Post.

The photos below were taken by Josh Ligairi. Josh is producing this doc along with Steve and I.

Josh and I (along with a few others) pretty much kicked some ass and took some names at the campus protests today.


cosmo not said...

So Bryan, are we to understand from your Huffington Post that you and Steven were on campus for the protests? Neither of you are students, so you were trespassing, right?

Oh, I see that you have comment moderation enabled. Interesting that you bash BYU for hindering speech while you police your own blog, obviously squashing any comment you don't want others to see.

Way to show some integrity! How courageous! So I guess this comment will never be seen by others.

Bryan said...

Actually, the moderation is just to prevents some pretty persistent spammers. It's nothing personal.

As far as "trespassing" we're members of the media covering a newsworthy event like all of the other journalists there.

And a few of our team (including those that took these photographs) were students.

So. There you go. Now you know.

Knowing is half the battle.

Steven said...


Yeah, we had a bit of spamming last week, so we implemented some moderation.

And since when can't the media record media events?

And even if I wasn't media, which we are, I'd be there anyways. Fuck trespassing.


What were the spammers trying to sell?

And how did they get past the word verification?

I thought the word verification was to prevent spam and that comment moderation was to prevent free speech.

Your spam prevention measures seem to be excessive.

"Free speech at BYU is open for business. But only from 11:00am til 1:00pm, two days only."

Well it appears that BYU of all places has more free speech than THISDIVIDEDSTATE.BLOGSPOT.COM.

Steven said...

Spammer was "copy and pasting" same stupid comment and posting on like 100 past posts, over and over. Like he had nothing better to do.

And fuck you, you weren't the one being spammed.

We'll lift moderation soon.

Anonymous said...


Has the thought to put comment moderation on Steven's posts and comments ever crossed your mind?

He seems like a real loose canon to say the least.

Sadly, I think this whole blog loses any sort of credibility on account of Steven's constant "FUCK YOU" "FUCK THAT"

Good luck with the protest though.

Steven said...


I just posted a new post. I think I may have used "fuck" AND "shit" in it.

Hope you don't lose any sleep over the loss of credibility I offer.


sarah loverock said...


I met someone who knows you so I brought up the blog and that weird quote with all of the mention of MILFS, porn and your wife.

And they said that the comment WAS from you. They said you pissed off a girl about a year ago who made you look stupid so you freaked out on her with the same abusive language I read in the quote that was posted earlier this week (the one about MILFS, porn etc etc.)

She said that after you exploded with a serious of abusive attacks on the girl, you erased everything and apologized to her. She said the the girl was going under the pen name "Molly."

Is there any truth to what she said becuase she has no reason whatsoever to lie to me about this.

Also, I thought you said you were never married?

She said that you WERE married about a year ago.

Steven, you mention loss of credibility lightly as if the idea that you have lost any credibility is absurd.

I think it's absurd that you believe that you have any credibility at all.


jenni said...

you are a lying coward. The comment moderation has nothing to do with spam. I have had many posts that never made it through your insecure filter. You know what I'm talking about. Ironically, most of those were simply posts that you have written in the past that I cut and pasted in their entirety. Yes, THOSE posts, where you verbally attack people in a sacrilegious, sexually explicit way.

Steven said...


Maybe you should hold a protest.


Steven said...

Sarah Lovecock,

Who did you meet? A name?

I will admit that someone started verbally attacking myself and my family about 2 years ago on this blog.

I can't, however, confirm nor deny exactly what transpired. It was so long ago and I'm sure whatever existing "comments" are floating around there could have altered or changed to make me look like more of an asshole than I actually am.

Other than that, I don't give a fuck what you think.

Thanks for visiting our blog.


Steven said...

Ok, enough of this.

We WERE spammed last week. Bryan will back this up.

We had to track down an IP address of the spammer (which was coming from Salt Lake Community College) and we had to call IT Security there to stop it.

We'll remove comment moderation soon.

Just breath, people. Everything will be OK.

Don't shit your pants.

jenni said...


A protest?


Ask and ye shall receive.

Steven said...


"Ask and ye shall receive."

I usually always do.


This is all so cute said...

Jenni -

HAHA! So what Are you going to grab a bunch of folks and head over to Steve's house?

I think I feel a restraining order coming on....

Find something "impressive" to do with your time.