Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yesterday's Shoots

We had a good day for shooting yesterday and we got a couple of good interviews done.

We interviewed the inventor of the AB-DOer and motivational speaker, John Abdo. I really couldn't believe how impossibly in shape this guy was. He's 53 and we were filming him do his daily exercises and he was probably the most fit person I have ever seen up close in my life. He looked like he was 35 tops... It was crazy.

We also interviewed a guy who runs a foundation for amputees. (One of the related illnesses of obesity is Type 2 diabetes and one of the common complications from Type 2 diabetes is amputation. It's pretty scary stuff)

And we've just confirmed our big interview for today, so as soon as his footage is in the can, I'll be back to tell you what's up.


Anonymous said...

Your documentary is destined to becoming yet another award-wining tool to help in the crusade in raising awareness for all health issues, especially obesity. The influencing effects of your film will generate its power for years to come by helping people mature healthier and live longer lives. You're doing a great job!

Elias said...

Hey Steve and Bryan, you need to log in before you comment so it doesn't read "anonymous"