Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Great Political Move

It seems as though anti-marriage conservatives are going to be forced to put their money where their mouths are.

According to the AP:
OLYMPIA, Wash. - Proponents of same-sex marriage have introduced a ballot measure that would require heterosexual couples to have a child within three years or have their marriages annulled.
MSNBC headlined the initiative as absurd. Those proposing the initiative admitted that it probably was absurd, but if conservatives claim that the sole purpose of marriage is pro-creation, then this bill fits their hands like a glove.

I think this bill is no more absurd than those designed by the Anti-Marriage lobby to prevent all who seek marriage the rights granted therein. I think it's absurd that a debate of the size and nature we've seen is even a necessary step in granting equal rights to a large minority.

Homosexuality is a fact of life and reality.

These anti-marriage lobbyists (read: Christian Conservatives) need to understand that. They also need to understand they can't force things on people. Maybe this initiative will make them realize how much it sucks to have certain rights under fire. Maybe this initiative will make them think twice about squelching the rights of others.

We can all hope and pray that this might enlighten them, but lets be honest, it probably won't.

But, congratulations are certainly in order for the people who thought up this initiative. It's a bold move. And apparently, with the preposterous density of the heads of the Anti-marriage movement, this was a necessary step to get them to realize how fragile civil rights are.

For more info about the group, check out their website: Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance.


Leavo said...

ha...i couldnt disagree more...i mean murder is a fact of life and a reality too but we are not jumping through hoops to allow them to keep killing, quite to the contrary. they arent crying that their rights are under fire because it isnt a right! and gay marriage shouldnt be either. the rules conservatives base these feeling off of are as real to them as whatever liberals base theirs off of, and discrediting them just because they dont understand or agree is wrong. and no i dont think the sole purpose of marriage is pro creation, that is absurd(although it is an important part). but the other benefits that are harder to define and pinpoint are impossible with gay marriage. i think that some heterosexual-marriages should never happen either. look at hollywood for example. there are things that happen in those marriages that should never happen like spouse abuse and the like(not hollywood specifically - ike - but hetero marriage generally) . but because there are things that go wrong in hetero-marriages doesent justify gay-marriage. i hate it when people use that as an argument. its ridiculous. thats like saying we should allow murder because people commit suicide. anyway i could go on forever...but i wont. ps bryan this is Leavo btw and i still love you

Warren said...

Being homosexual isn't something that has been deemed wrong or illegal though. Killing someone, including yourself, has been. No one is hurt by gay marriage. No one! I am sure that more gay marriage would be successful than straight ones are right now. Simply for the fact that there are alot of gay people who have lived togehter for 30 plus years already. I'm pretty sure they'd get married if they could...and I'm pretty sure that nothing would change except for their medical, insurance, and tax rights. All of which should be changed if they are living together as a family. If theres one advantage I can draw from homosexual marriage its that there won't be any unwanted pregnancies as a result of their being together...hahaha. oh wait I just thought of another one! If gays can marry one another, there would be more fidelity in their relationships...which, could help prevent the spreading of STDs including HIV. If there were I think that its fair to allow gays the same political rights based on their already established emotional and physical union. We all recognize that gays have and continue to live together, now its just a mtter of respecting it and protecting it under our constitution. Remember tat we live in a nation that prides its self on freedom. Freedom means that we try to stay out of each others business unless its harming someone in the process. So, give me some examples of the pain that gay marriage could cause. Oh, I love you too!

Mr. Charlie said...

I think they should allow gay marriage in the state of Washington but if one of the husbands (is that what you call 'em?) can't get pregnant after three months of anal sex, then they should have their marriage automatically annulled.

Steven Greenstreet said...

I think its funny that the way the state and federal government debate marriage is through the analysis of cocks and pussies and how they're used.

leavo said...

Don't forget about buttholes! Like you! Ha Ha

cowboy said...

Why should I ask permission from the likes of Mr. Leavo and his ilk to get married? If I find a church that will gladly perform the ritual of marriage for my partner and me how is it any business of yours or even the State?

Just ask yourself, Leavo, what makes you so superior to gays and you can be so condescending? You admittedly do not have any specifics about how Steve & Adam who live down the same street you live are a threat to your precious existence. Why are you so superior? Because you are heterosexual?

So, continue to bask in ignorant blissful faux superiority. We could not care less about you and your “sealings” in the Temple, just keep your paws off my pursuit of happiness with whomever I choose. You are the epitome of someone being sanctimonious…so allow me to be pious when I say: perhaps you should think twice before taking the Sacrament this coming Sunday.

I’ll marry whomever I want…with or without the blessings from you. I just want the same (read: equal) legal rights as my hetero friends.

MR. CHARLIE said...


Did you hear about the study that came out about children who have been molested that later become gay?

I suppose it's better to have gays married than running around molesting children.

I think the gays should come up with their own name for marriage. Perhaps instead of "marriage", they could call it "partnership" and instead of "husband", they could use the word "partner."

John Wayne Gacey was gay as hell and look what that got him.

Steven said...


Ted Bundy was straight as hell and look what that got him.

I don't get your point. It seems ill conceived.


mr. charlie said...


First of all, I am not Leavo, although he does have some interesting things to say.

My points are simple.

1. Studies show that many gays were molested as children.

2. Many gays who were molested as children go on to molest children.

3. I think it's better that two gay dudes form a "partnership" rather than become Catholic Priests or just some creepy gay dude who preys on children.

4. John Wayne Gacey was gay as hell on account of being molested by some other gay man when he was younger but he never wanted to be married to a gay dude so instead he tricked teenager boys into his home and the rest is history.

in other words, maybe if John Wayne Gacey would have shacked up with another gay dude, then he could have been just a regular gay dude and not a gay serial killer. All those poor teenagers would still be alive.

And for this reason I think if dudes are all gay and into the homo stuff, more power to 'em as long as they don't prey on kids.

Steven said...

1. What studies show that? Where are you getting these "facts"?

1A. And you don't think a large number of heterosexuals weren't molested when they were kids?

1B. What the hell does child molestation have to do with homosexuality?

2. Many heterosexuals who were molested as kids go on to molest children.

3. Again, what the fuck does pedophilia have to do with homosexuality? Again, apples and oranges. I don't know where you're getting your facts.

4. Dude, you're way off on the Gacy thing. His mom used to dress him up in women's clothes and publicly humiliate him. His sexual orientation was only a determinate factor into WHO he killed not WHY he killed.

Again, Gacy didn't kill because he was gay. He killed because he was a psychopath. If he had been straight, maybe he would have killed women, (a la Ted Bundy.

But your whole serial killer argument is really baseless and near sighted. How many people are serial killers? Do they represent the general populous? No, they don't. They are what's known as "anomalies". There are millions of "normal" gay people around the world. There was only ONE John Wayne Gacy.

mr. charlie said...

I think the lesson to be learned is to never dress a young boy up like a girl.

Think of how quickly we could solve this whole AIDS thing if mothers quit indulging themselves by dressing up their young boys like they were girls.

Anonymous said...

Adam and Eve not Stenar and Steve

Steven said...

Great. More drivel from those who don't know a god damn thing about what they're talking about.

I'm not surprised.

cowboy said...

The only "heels" I've ever worn in my life have been on my cowboy boots.

I was not molested, nor wore any girly clothes and I'm gay.

Yes, the next phase of this discussion will bring the "nurture versus nature" debate and like Steven says: "[they] don't know a ... thing about what they're talking about." (So true!)

Talk with some gays. They'll let you know: There was never a 'trigger event' or a time where we said to ourselves: "Hmmmm...I think I will try being gay."

But, outside of Utah more and more people know this 'fact'. But not in Utah. I no longer wonder why. It's classic ignorance from mind-controlling lectures from Sunday School pulpits and in Seminaries.

I'm not surprised either, Steven.

Steven said...


Yeah, it's truly amazing how some people can actually be so stupid.

You'd have to be an abused child or a serial killer to be gay.

Oh. My. God.

Sounds like someone's been reading too much "Book Of Mormon", and a little less "Remember Me? I'm Reality".

cowboy said...

With the John Amaechi thing recently I get annoyed when people ignorantly return to stereotypical generalizations.

There are people who are gay who play all sorts of professional sports. Being nelly, swishy and not coordinated with a ball is not a definite marker for being gay. Some gay guys can put on a completely macho aire and blend in with 'normal' men. Ask me how many men I personally know who were/are married and their wives have no clue. (Answer: more than I can count with my hands. And naturally most of them are/were LDS.)

Those fellow(s) you go out hunting/fishing with? ..wink wink nudge nudge... It happens.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Charlie" I think Steve is on the money. From what I have read on Gacey, he was never molested, his mother dressed him up in girls clothes.

I'm not saying that it didn't happen, I'm just saying...

But come to thing of it you might have a valid point.

Michael Jackson is homosexual and has molested young boys for years and gotten away with it unil more recently when the allegations started to stick.

Jackson claims to be molested by his father. It does seem to add up.

Did anyone see that 60 minutes a few years ago where they did a story on Catholic Priests who were homosexual and they were preying on orphans in Australia during WWII. That was some messed up shit.

I enjoy hearing ideas from both camps. Steve and Cowboy make some good points, but so do Leavo and "Mr. Charlie".

What does the Book of Mormon and sunday school have to do with any of this? You kinda lost me on that one.

Anonymous said...

Steven is so gay I forgot to laugh