Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back from our trip

Jesus Christ.

We've had an awesome day traveling. After all that preposterous business near the office last night (check out more info here, apparently they identified the kid as an 18-year-old Bosnian refugee, still no motive) we left early this morning with our final destination being Baltimore Washington International.

We got to Denver where we found out that not only had the FCC task force meeting that we had been invited to cover had been canceled, so had our connecting flight. Likewise, all connecting flights to that entire region were canceled due to the bad weather.

So, we spent the day in line trying to get back into Salt Lake.

When we finally worked out those details, we were assured that our bags (including most of our camera and light kit) would be on the plane with us.

They were not. Our bags are literally sitting on a shelf at the Denver airport.

So, we're home now. Our stuff is not.

We spent an entire day trying to go to Salt Lake City.

Also, my toothbrush is in my bag, along with all the clothes I wear.

Man that sucks.


Peter said...

No clothes? No toothbrush?

All is not lost.marco

Peter said...

typo :(