Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Utah Politics

There are two items here that I would like to bring everyone's attention to:

Pete Ashdown. Right now, the numbers his campaign is polling are pegged directly to people who have heard of him. He's polling a slightly higher percentage than that of those who know who he is, meaning that there are voters out there who don't care who he is, as long as he's not Orrin Hatch.

Well, his campaign has been running at a guerilla grassroots level because no one on a national level seems to think he can compete with Orrin Hatch's $3 million war chest of special interest funds. Well, what I'm saying to you is that his campaign is being run like campaigns should, on blood, sweat and tears and a minimum of cash.

So, in order to spread the word about Pete Ashdown, I want everyone who reads this to do two thing.
A) Donate to the Ashdown campaign right now. Even a few bucks will help.

B) Get a yard sign and a bumper sticker. Hell, get five and give them to your friends and tell everyone you know about Pete and why he's a better option than Orrin Hatch. Show people the video from the first debate. Do anything you can to get the better man elected.

And the second thing I wanted to bring up was this:

Christian Burridge is running against Chris Cannon.

He needs help, too. Sign up for a yard sign and when you talk to people about Pete, remind them that Chris Cannon is up for re-election as well.

But, if God-forbid, Christian Burridge is unable to unseat Cannon during this election cycle, I'm going to try to make a bid for that congressional seat in the next election. I don't know how to do that yet, but there's very little I care about more than politics and my State. So.

If anyone has any information for me about how I can go about getting ready for Democratic primaries and campaigning reaaaaaally early, let me know. I think I'm serious about it. I've been putting a lot of thought into it and figured, "Why not?"


Brian Watkins said...

Christian Burridge is going to win the race to be your next congressman, and he'll do a great job. If you're serious and want to find out about running for office, you can call me and I'll put you in touch with the right people. Brian 801-484-3026 (after the election, please).

Anonymous said...

brian watkins,
you are a golden egg. thank you for your direct contact.

Cliff said...

I suggest you call Christian Burridge right NOW, and get to work on his campaign and do everything you can to help him, because if you instead sit back hoping he will lose so YOU can run against Cannon, I will NEVER forgive you and your campaign will be haunted by the hypocracy of that kind of behavior.

btw: Brian Watkins is possibly the best campaign consultant you will find. You are lucky he has offered to help.

cowboy said...

Pete should be concentrating on the obvious weak points:

1) Orrin is part of the problem in Washington D.C.

2) We need checks/balances in our government or we end up with something akin to a dictatorship.

3) Orrin says he needs to finish his work in D.C. What is taking him so long?

4) Pete Ashdown's ideologies are just as much a part of Utah as the Republican's. Study the issues and you will find most Utahns really truly believe the same as Pete.

5) Orrin is a career politician. We need and want better representation for the common constituents. Pete is a better representation of what is good with Utah. (Business savvy.)

6) Obnoxious billboards may be getting the message across to a lot of people...but it may be working AGAINST himself. The billboards tend to display the very arrogance Orrin should NOT be promoting. Wrong move on Orrin's PR part. Orrin really is just a wuss. No billboard can change that fact.