Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm in Trouble

I, uh... I did something kind of bad, but for something good. But I just couldn't hold it any longer. You see, I'm a sucker for public radio. I listen to it any time I'm in the car. I use public radio. I need NPR. I need KUER.

Right now, it's their fall fund drive.

I even listen to that.

The urge to pledge was so compelling I talked to my wife about it last night. "I understand how you feel, but it's too bad we can't right now. We don't have the money to spare."

But nevertheless, the call was great.

I called the number to pledge a couple of times today, but I lost my courage and hung up. Three times. Once during Radio West with Doug Fabrizio, once during Talk of the Nation and once during Fresh Air.

During the last half of All Things Considered, all I could think about was wanting to pledge. I've been a devoted NPR listener for a five or six years now and I've never been in a position able enough to afford a pledge. I'm not in much of a position now to afford it.... but....


So I called again.

I hung up as soon as a voluneteer answered.

Then I called right back. It took some doing, I don't have a credit card or a checking account, but I was able to get them to bill me $10 a month for a year, which, spread out like that, isn't that much.

But now, I have to tell my wife...

It would be easier if she read the blog, but she doesn't....

While I think of a way to break it to her, why don't you make a pledge as well. That way, I won't feel so alone. But if you can, give to the Pete Ashdown campaign first. Which I'm going to do tomorrow. (I got permission to give $25 to the campaign, I just need to find time to swing it by the headquarters.)

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Stenar said...

I only support KCPW, the first NPR station in town. :P