Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The number may be disputed, but it's still a better picture than we've seen before. It seems as though more between 350,000 and 950,000 Iraqi civilians have lost their lives since the beginning of the US Invasion and through the subsequent occupation.

Bush and his people are ignoring it because they've never seen a number previously higher than 50,000. That statement is almost Orwellian. Especially since there's evidence here from exactly 2 years ago pegging the estimate at 100,000.

That report was also disputed for a time, but those who disputed it later changed their opinion when they realized how thorough the study was.

And how are we supposed to trust the official government numbers? Didn't they literally order their people to stop counting back in '03? Yeah. Yeah they did. (In that same article, the US and British military claimed they don't count civilian casualties.)

They way they conducted this survey to reach this number is how we base all of the health numbers in America. Why is it good enough for us here, but not there?

Long story, short: Bush has the blood of between 350,000 and 950,000 civilians on his hands.

I remember a quote from Dr. Strangelove, where the president says, "I will not go down in history as the greatest mass murderer since Adolf Hitler."

Well, Bush just took one big step close to that.

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