Monday, October 16, 2006

North Korea

Is it just me, or do all of George Bush's fictitious reasons for going to war with Iraq seem to be coming true in North Korea?

When Bush initially announced that he was planning on going to war with Iraq, anyone with half a brain that followed any news other than Fox was fairly sure that Iraq didn't have any WMD and that sanctions were working to prevent him from getting them. Everyone was scratching their heads wondering why he was doing it. I myself asked why we weren't going into North Korea who, seemed to me at the time, to pose an actual threat.

I think I got my own answer. North Korea could bite back and Bush knew Iraq couldn't. Not in the short term anyway.

I mean, go down the list of Bush's reasons for Iraq and ask yourself he truly believed any of them why we aren't in the Second Korean War?

1) They have Weapons of Mass Destruction and are actively pursuing nuke-ya-ler technology.


2) They are led by a crazy and brutal dictator at the expense of their peoples suffering.


3) They could sell weapons and technology to other enemy states and non-state entities.


4) The leaders of the country no longer in power will keep America safer.

Well, probably.

5) We need to get them before they get us.

I don't agree with this, but let's be honest, North Korea has a better chance and capability to attack us than Saddam did.

And don't even get me started about our negligent inaction in Darfur.

So why the change in tune for George? Why isn't the medicine for Iraq good for North Korea, or even Iran for that matter?

Because they see as plainly as everyone else that IT DIDN'T WORK!

Them not racing into Korea to be greeted as liberators is proof positive that even they know how bad they screwed up. They just aren't willing to admit it in so blatant a way as saying so.


The Silent Observer said...

I think the president would like to give N. Korea a paddling, but the fact of the matter is, we've got our hands full in Iraq. Someone else (France? Spain? Germany? Russia?) could show some sack, but why should they clean up after our messes? Also, Iraq could potentially pay back the $300 billion we have spent on them once their democracy is secure and their economy gets going, and it might win ourselves another ally in the Middle East. N. Korea --don't need 'em.

I don't know why you call all those reasons for going into Iraq "fake." They are all just as true for Iraq as they are for N. Korea. And the Fox News agency weren't the ones providing the Congressional votes to use military action against Saddam.

Jay McGinley said...

Your mentioning Darfur in your blogging is imperative. And as doubtless you have noticed, blogging volume regarding Darfur has plummeted. Thank you for your efforts.

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Jay McGinley