Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Six-Word Story

Neal over at The Leftwich Committee for the Proliferation of Thought and Opinion posted this story about Ernest Hemingway's six word story.

The story was this:
"For Sale: baby shoes, never used." (this was according to this site. Wikipedia had a different version: "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.")
Neal didn't actually ask anyone to write their own, but I was so fascinated by the idea that I did. Here it is:
He had it coming. Didn't he?
Neal offered this gem:
One day, I swear we'll go.
And he posted them all up here and invited everyone to participate. So, I'm calling on all of you to head over there and post a six-word story. Personally, the approach I took was one that would raise as many questions as possible to lead to the statement. I don't think I could raise as many questions as Hemingway's but I put a lot of thought into mine anyhow.

So, those of you who go over there to participate, post your six-word story's here. I would very much like to see them.

Also, about the latter half of Neal's post (this one) about his story "The Watchmaker." It was very good. I can personally attest to its quality.


Blue Eared Bunny said...

Unforgiveable. It was necessary. Fitting, really.

Morningstar said...

They both died to save eachother

Anonymous said...

FUCK! When will these herpes leave?

John said...

Death threats, bribery, and family values.