Friday, September 15, 2006

Press Conference in the Rose Garden

While I was at the gym I watched most of George Bush's press conference and his arrogance still befuddles me.

He spoke of the need for harsh treatment, the need to strip detainees of due process, he spoke of his unrelenting stubborness and foolishness in his various foreign policies, backpedaled through his comments linking Saddam to Al-Quaida.

He also tries painting this rosy picture of Iraq and it's bizarre and disgusting. It's like everyone in his administration has to wear red-tinted sunglasses so when they look at pictures and reports of Iraq, everything is rosy in color and the blood doesn't show up. (The same thing happened in the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, except all the glasses were emerald. You see, the city was normal colored but you had to wear the glasses... That's why everyone thought it was the emerald city.)

It is good to see things backfiring for Bush on the Senate floor for a change though. Perhaps sense isn't totally lost in Washington.

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