Monday, September 18, 2006

Gas Prices

I've been thinking alot about the falling gas prices in everywhere but Utah. I've come up with a completely ridiculous conspiracy theory about it, but the more I think about it, the more sense it actually makes.

Okay, here's the theory: Rising gas prices have caused political backlash for the political party in power. Oil companies are posting record profits and are doing their best to gouge everyone. But, we're two months away from a mid-term election and the current poll numbers suggested that their buddies in the Republican party are on their way out. So, because they don't want to hassle with more congressional investigations where they might need to be sworn in this time, in a massive gesture, much like a campaign contribution, they start to decrease gas prices. Public opinion of economic handling is so short, people start to think the last few years haven't been so bad and they feel comfortable voting Republican. I mean, if gas prices are falling, they must have something to do with it, right? They are in power, maybe they do.

But why aren't they falling in Utah?

Because Utahns are sheep enough to vote Republican anyway, no matter how much you hit their pocketbook. Democrats are evil, remember?

Like I said, it was a crazy theory, but the timing and situation is too good to not say it. I mean, why else would prices fall everywhere but in a Republican stronghold such as this? It's got all the other analysts scratching their heads and maybe, just maybe, I'm on to something.


Jenni said...

You know, this does make a weird kind of sense . . .you may be on to something here.

plimpton said...

Actually, the republicans have been rewarding the people of utah all along. Since we already have the discount that other states are now getting, there wasn't any more to give.

Hobo said...

I don't think republicans are rewarding or neglecting to reward Utah. I don't think Utahns possess the political clout either way. Republican politicians don't make serious constituents out of a religious state who, for the most part, follow instead of contribute, and cast their republican vote based on wedge issues (i.e. abortion). So it's like, great, thanks for the vote. We'll make an appearance, other than that we don't care about you but you follow us so we'll leave you off Cheney's inflated gas prices hit list. It's a backhanded compliment to republicans on their impressive manipulating strategies, and a backhanded back hand to Utah.

Part of the Plan said...

I completely agree with your theory. I heard the other day on the news that big oil gives 81% of their political contributions to makes sense that on short final approach to a tricky election, they would give a further boost to the party of their choice by dropping prices everywhere but Utah which, like you said, is going to vote Republican anyway, because Dems are for abortion and gay marriage.

Stenar said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. Low gas prices now are a gift to the Republican party to help them keep the Congress. I thought the same thing. I hadn't really thought about why gas prices were still high in Utah, though. Your idea makes sense.