Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I saw on IMDB that someone said, "Steven Greenstreet is a righty". This meaning that I was a conservative. Most of others claim that I am a raving liberal lunatic. So, to help clear the air, I am writing some of my points of view in easily definable "yays" or "nays".

I am for gay marriage.

I am kind of on the fence about illegal immigration.

I am for abortion rights.

I am for the death penalty.

Pull the troops out from Iraq right now. Right now.

I am on the fence about using torture for interrogation.

George Bush should be impeached and forced out of office in shame. Shame. Shame.

I am for universal, free healthcare.

I think banning Christmas is stupid.

I think prayer in schools should be allowed, but not endorsed.

The Ten Commandments should not be posted in government buildings. That's stupid.

I think Americans should pay more taxes. We're too greedy.

I think an extra cent of tax should be put on junk food and that money used for sick, fat people.

Masturbation and condoms should be taught in schools as options.

Banning smoking across America is fucking fascist and needs to stop cuz I'm gonna smoke no matter what bleeding heart liberals tell me.

Radiohead newest album, "In Rainbows", is way awesome.

Ok, there you go. Am I a conservative? A liberal? You tell me. Cuz that's all I'm telling you.


Stenar said...

That sounds pretty liberal to me.

I'm all for the "war on Christmas" but only as fodder for Bill O'Reilly's tv show. Otherwise, he'd have to make stuff up! ;)

Logan said...


The purpose of torture is to break the spirit of the resistance (and to get the occasional bogus confession when a scapegoat is needed). I'm sure you're aware that Military and even CIA have said it's not a reliable means of getting intel.

Just wondering what's to be on the fence about.

McClintock said...

Somebody called you a righty?

I think they meant that you are a tighty whitey.

Steven Greenstreet--tighty whitey. Truer words have never been typed.

Steven said...


Truer words might be:

Steven Greenstreet -- inspires many to come up with hip, descriptive phrases such as "tighty whitey".

Another might be:

Steven Greenstreet -- inspires many an impotent man to obsessively search the internet.

Chaz said...

Hey Steven,

Remember that movie you made of yourself lounging around in a hot tub while trying to convince the camera that you had absolutely no time to relax?

That kicked ass!

Steven said...


Case and point.

Helen said...

Chaz, you really are a jerk!

Leave Steven alone!

Over the past year or so I have heard that strangest things about Steven on this blog that are obviously lies and I am sick of it!


Steven was never fooled by pranksters at UVSC that MTV Films wanted to by his video. That is a complete and total lie because Steven Greenstreet is way smarter than that.

Steven Greenstreet never made any video whatsoever of himself in a hot tub talking to a camera. That is just silly!

Steven Greenstreet does not have anything wrong with his eyes!

Steven greenstreet never sexually harrassed a young lady on this blog. Steven is a class A gentleman.

Steven Greenstreet did not get a divorce, he and his wife are happily married and live in Provo, Utah.

Can we please move on people?

Steven said...

More please.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ. I can't believe this shit still happens on this blog.

Doesn't everyone have something better to do?

Bryan said...

I whole-heartedly agree with anonymous.

J-Dog said...

I'm not sure who this Helen bitch is but I can tell you this much:

Steven did steal footage to use in This Divided State.

And I heard that he stole this obesity project from some poor minority dude.

Like the guy doesn't have enough troubles being black in a racist country like this one.

I wish Steven Greenstreet would quit stealing footage, projects and script ideas from people, especially African Americans. That just makes it worse.

Steven said...


Prove it.

J-Dog said...

Are you saying that the dude wasn't black? Because I happen to know for a fact that he is black. You hijacked the obesity project from a poor black dude who was just trying to educate the world about the dangers of obesity.

If you are such a serious filmmaker why don't you just come up with your own ideas.

I'm not sure what ethnic background you thing he comes from but if you're so sure it's not African American than why don't YOU prove it?

Steven said...


You didn't prove anything. Try harder.

mcclintock said...

Hey tighty, where have you been? "Tighty Whitey" is no hip descriptive phrase, it's just the plain white underwear that kids wear everyday. You know, Jockey and such.

though a hip descriptive phrase would be: Stevie Greenstreet -- walleye jockey.

the impotent thing could apply (to yourself) since tighty whiteys have proven to reduce sperm count. So: Steven Greenstreet--causes impotence.

jaxxx-o-lantern said...

hey now people, we don't want to upset steve "tighty whitey" greenstreet. the last thing we need is for him to get mad, take off his shades and freak us out with his creepy wall-eye.

Steven said...

Mcclintock, I'd be more than happy to reduce my sperm count into your girlfriend/wife/sister/daughter.

Jaxxx, you're the best. Keep it coming.

mcclintock said...

Steven (Tighty)

You are craftier that you look in those silly pictures you always post of yourself. You've subtly tied everything together with your claim to cause and inspire impotence.

HOT TUBS and TIGHTY WHITEY's cause impotence, and each is a metaphor for you!

One could also argue that glen close could also be a contributor to impotence, and we know the similarities there with how the two of you look and dress.

How much farther does it go?

oh snap said...

At this point you'd be happy to reduce your sperm count into anything if you could, including your lonely palm...but those doggone hot-tubs and fruit of the looms have done too much damage.

Bryan said...

You people are all morons.

Steven said...

Ok, that's enough of you jackholes thinking about me in Fruit of the Loom underwear and sitting in hot tubs.

Go make love to your wives for Christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

What in the hell is a "wall-eye"?

Dabney said...

It's what Steven has hiding behind those Paris Hilton sun glasses.

BTW Paris Hilton also has a wall eye though not as severe as Steven Greenstreet's.