Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Big Brothers

I got a call out of the blue last week from a reporter in San Diego.

He said he read the blog here and noticed that I had done some work with my little brother. He wanted to ask a few questions about the whole "sibling" thing and we sort of discussed it for about a half an hour.

We talked about siblings and film and the red-blue rift in the country and Pirate Club of course.

Here's the article he ended up writing.

Check it out.

Here's my portion of the thing:
Documenting this phenomenon is one thing. Explaining why it's happening now is another. That might require the advice of a psychologist. Say, Dr. Joyce Brothers.

Or maybe just someone who makes movies with his own brother.

Bryan Young is a producer and assistant director of independent documentaries, including “This Divided State” and “The BYU 25,” which just finished production.

He has teamed on some movies with his brother, Jason – happily, so far. (Young also co-writes the comic “Pirate Club,” which he has showcased in numerous pilgrimages to San Diego's Comic-Con.)

Young speculates that the brother upsurge in movies might stem from the country's red-vs.-blue rift, something that figures strongly in the documentaries he has worked on.

“I wonder if it has anything to do with the emphasis on family values in the political spectrum,” he adds. “Filmmakers and artists go back to their family stories. They think about their own family values and wonder where those values came from.”

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