Monday, June 05, 2006


America the Pimp got some lip from of it's Hoes this week, Vietnam. And America responded by choking a bitch. For those of you not familiar, America did some serious pimping with Vietnam during the 60's and 70's.

Anyways, America's King Pimp, Donald Rumsfeld, was doing some head-patting and doggie-bone giving in South Asia when the topic of Agent Orange came up. Vietnam was all like "Hey, remember how you dumped Agent Orange all over our country and now millions of people get born all fucked up? Yeah, well could you maybe help pay for that?" And America, being the pimp that it is, responded by saying, "Ho, you ain't by bitch anymore! I ain't gotta do a god damn thang fo yo stankin ass!"

Ok, maybe it didn't quite go down like that. Read the linked article above for the full text.

And here are some pictures of what the Godly, Holy, Christified, Pure, Innocent, United States of America sometimes does to perfectly innocent people:


Anonymous said...

Pay for the enemy's health care? We don't even help our own veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange! Silly rabbit!

DF Maverick said...

It's called integrity and honour Mr. Anonymous.

Something our country fails to prioritize.