Sunday, June 11, 2006

The 5-0!

I almost got the entire production arrested last night because of my forgetful memory. We were shooting the "Fantasy Robbery" sequence which entails a motorcyclist pulling a guy out of a car at shotgun-point and some passerby called the cops. They failed to mention to the dispatcher the crowd of twenty people, the lights, the camera, the guy dressed as a ninja or the Luchador. just the man with the shotgun. I forgot to call the cops beforehand and tell them we were doing it. It was my fault completely.

People can be dumb.

Anyhow. We have video of the entire production standing in a line, hands above their heads.

I'll post it later.


Steven Greenstreet said...

That's friggin sweet.

Duckie Butters said...

You can say that again.

"Friggin' sweet!"


You seemed all pissed at me the other day. You said something about me making comments at the other blog being the reason why. I haven't made a comment on the other blog in a week or so. In fact the last comment I made was simply asking the question as to what the picture was of that was removed on that other blog.

Why would you be pissed at me for that?
You need to lighten up a little.

It's me Duckie! Remember?

Anyways, I hope you still aren't all sore at me.


Steven Greenstreet said...


You will always be my number #1 here on this blog. Seriously. All is well.


Outside the Box said...


I don't remember ninjas being mentioned before! I've always thought they were the one thing keeping This Divided State from being mentioned along with Hearts & Minds, The Sorrow and The Pity, and The Fog of War.

I hope you're not ripping anything off of the American Ninja trilogy. There's are hard to beat.

In all seriousness, I can't wait to read more about it.