Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So, I read Bryan's post about Breed 'Em Young University firing some poor sap because he had inappropiately used his brain. Well, surprise, surprise everyone. This isn't the first time BYU has exercised it's control over free speech and over free thought and over free expression and over freedom in general, so why get pissed off now? Bottom line is that, if you're a strict Mormon and you want to go to BYU, but you believe in some sort of free thought process, you're fucked.

Here are some example's of YBU's control over freedom:


** In 1997, BYU banned a Rodin exhibit from campus. Speaking specifically of the famous "THE THINKER" sculpture:

"'The Thinker' does not represent the sort of activity that we believe is appropriate for the BYU setting," said BYU official Alan Wilkins. In contrasting "The Thinker" to Rodin's sculpture "The Kiss," which was withdrawn earlier this week, Wilkins said, "Nudity is not the issue here. Admitedly, nudity has its place in private and personal surroundings. But" he continued, "the administration has decided that this sculpture is inappropriate under any and all circumstances."

Even with the new ban, many parents, including Layton, have expressed doubts about allowing their children to attend the exhibit along with their school classes. "This so-called Art -- how is it any different from a Las Vegas peep show, that's what I'd like to know," said parent organizer Cynthia Rosyska. "It's just not the sort of thing I want my children exposed to. Utah valley is ripe for pornography, and I don't think we need to encourage it."


**In 1993 the university terminated Professor Cecilia Konchar Farr after her third-year review. Konchar Farr is a feminist activist who worked to educate people about violence against women, who helped establish the feminist activist student club Voice on campus, and who took a public pro-Choice position, although she also said in her speech that she did not favor abortion and fully supported the LDS First Presidency's position on abortion. She also had the full support of her local ecclesiastical leaders as a faithful Mormon, worthy to participate in all Church ordinances. At first the university tried to represent Konchar Farr as an inadequate scholar and teacher, but after the appeal hearing, an agreement was reached by which both sides were to say only that there were "irreconcilable differences" between the administration and Konchar Farr. Again, a woman professor's career was damaged, and the university gave no satisfactory reason for that action.

**For several years women candidates for faculty employment at Brigham Young University have been asked this question by the academic vice president: "If a general authority [general leader of the Mormon Church] asked you not to publish your research, what would you do?" It has been suggested to the candidates that they must agree not to publish in such a case. This condition of employment undermines the position of new women faculty members at Brigham Young University. To be hired, they apparently must agree to let male ecclesiastical leaders who are not trained in their disciplines have final authority over the publication of their scholarship. They are offered no review process to determine the fairness or accuracy of the authority's request. Again, women are instructed that they must suppress their own perspectives on their own experience or research if a male authority so directs them.

**In its entire seventy-five year history, a woman faculty member has never been chosen to present BYU's distinguished faculty lecture.


** Affirmation has a good little Top Ten List here.

** Electro-Shock (Aversion) Therapy Used on Gay Students

Rocky, one of the participants, said that he spent ten years negotiating his way “through the Mormon church’s torturous program for reorienting or "curing" homosexuals — trying to turn us into heterosexuals.”

His bishop told Rocky, at the age of fifteen, that he needed to take this therapy at BYU, and that it would help him into becoming a heterosexual. This is how Rocky explained the procedure: “They explained to me that they would place a heparin lock in my wrist and hook an I.V. up to that, and I would be put in a room alone with a phlethesmograph on my penis that would measure my physical arousal so that when I got an erection they would know.” At this point they would show him gay pornography while they would introduce a drug into the I.V. that produced vomiting. Next, they would show him heterosexual pornography and a euphoric drug was injected. In this manner they hoped to have him prefer women to men. It did not work. In the video the interviewer asked Rocky, since he was only fifteen at the time, if he had ever seen pornography of any kind before his session at BYU — Rocky admitted, “No.”

** Gay Students Kicked Out Of BYU:

"Ricky Escoto and Matthew Grierson, both 21, were told to withdraw from Brigham Young University or face two-semester suspensions for violating the school's honor code, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The code forbids -- but doesn't clearly define -- homosexual conduct.

"I figured as long as I remained chaste the church would welcome me," Escoto told the Tribune. He was charged last month with the infractions of receiving gifts from other men, visiting gay chat rooms on his personal computer, making out with another man in his apartment and dating at least three different men.

In mid-March Grierson was charged with kissing a man on the BYU campus and holding hands with a man IN A LOCAL MALL."



Anonymous said...

All I've got to say is Duckie Butters is a damned genius.

Pirate Club said...'s a private school. They can pretty much do whatever they want there.

Steven Greenstreet said...

Pirate Club,

Nah, fuck that. It's a private school in America. BYU isn't it's own country. Rules of the Constitution still apply. But, beyond that, just on a social level, they practice some very unhealthy and reprehensible acts of oppression. No matter how "private" they are, they can still lick my balls.

Bryan said...

So, because they're a private school it would be okay for them to not let black people in?

Would it be okay for them to teach the virtues of the the Holocaust?

This is all related if you ask me. It's all about ignorant bigotry. Private or not, it's still wrong.

Brenton P. said...

Uhhh, the constitution doesn't apply here folks. I hate BYU as much as anyone, and I think the examples cited in this blog are disgusting and show BYU's lack of academic or social freedom.

But they are not required to allow freedom of expression. The Constitution is a limitation on governmental power, and limits the federal government's ability to infringe on the rights guaranteed through the Bill of Rights. It does NOT state that an organization cannot do this.

If BYU wants to not admit black students, they can do that. They can choose who they allow to teach there and who they want to allow to be students. Just like "lodges" can do this, and other groups have limited memberships. These groups don't violate the constitution, it's called a private organization.

With that said, they take a big hit in the department of academic reputation when they so blatantly disregard normal standards of academic freedom like with jeffrey nielsen.

Their Honor Code Office is not something to be trifled with, as I know from first-hand experience. Nazi comparisons are honestly not out of line, but they CAN do what they want, and I chose to come here, so that's my fault.

I still think you're largely right, but Constitutional arguments don't apply guys.

Bryan said...

My point was from an employers ethical standpoint. Say I were employed by a college and in my own spare time wrote an opinion piece for a local paper. I shouldn't be punished for work I published in my private life.

It's not ethical.

Steven Greenstreet said...

The genius "Brenton P." said:

"the constitution doesn't apply here folks"

Oh My Fucking God, that is the funniest statement ever.


Jesus Christ, I swear.

Cool DUDE! said...

One comment on the Rodin mention:

Steven, you quoted from a fake article!

-fake article found here: (or, like steven did, you can google "rodin byu" it's the FIRST result)

READ the disclaimers at the top of JOKE articles, so next time you avoid perpetuating non-truths, and fake statements!

Funny article though...Do you Get the Joke!? NO THINKING ALOUD AT BYU! THAT'S FUNNY STUFF!

Here's a REAL article that talks about the Rodin censorship:


Oh, and feel free to edit your blog without mentioning your own credulousness, Steven.

Brigantia said...

This is so very sad. An institution such as a University, which is supposed to stretch young minds and encourage debate and free thinking, seems to be trashing the whole concept. I'm in the UK so cannot relate to constitutional arguments but for this establishment to be called a 'university' is a joke. Where will the new ideas and forward thinking science come from in this oppressive environment. I think of Gallileo, who was rejected and killed for his anti-creed science which thankfully eventually changed the way we see our universe.

I know this is a political issue but Universities in England have lively debating societies where anything is fair game. From these establishments we have been blessed with so much that has changed our world.

To the students at BYU - keep up the fight for free speech. It is your basic human right despite what the organisers think.