Monday, August 25, 2008

WTF LINKS, Monday Aug 25

I swear this is another example of how we're one step closer to a New World Order

Swift Boaters claim that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery; they offer no proof to support this claim, which is why many people believe them.

Polar Bears are just swimming around in the ocean cuz all the ice is gone.

Religion poisons everything: Evangelist School Director says "Dinosaurs helped build the pyramids", uses Bible to prove it.

Hello, everyone, meet Big Brother. Big Brother, meet everyone else.

This is another reason why I'm going to have a problem flying out of country.

Bush Surrenders

Something about this is kick-ass awesome and fascist at the same time.

Just when I thought Joe Biden was a stud...

America thinks like the tube, eats like the tube, raises kids like the tube:

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