Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Morgan Spurlock's 30 DAYS

If you read this blog around the time of Sundance, you know that a few of us here shit all over Morgan Spurlock for creating the worst documentary ever made, "Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?"

But today, I came across a link to his FX tv show, "30 DAYS". I quickly saw one of the latest episodes was about a strict Mormon housewife having to live with 2 gay adoptive parents for 30 days. I thought, "Huh, ok, I'll watch the first 5 minutes and as soon as Morgan Spurlock inserts his shitty animation montages or goofy schtick jokes, I'll stop."

During the first 60 seconds, Morgan is talking about (with shitty animation) the many ways babies can be made in the modern world. He opines, "Maybe one day, even men will give birth". Then is cuts to Morgan with a balloon stuffed under his shirt while he eats pickles and ice cream. I was about to stop right then and there. But...

I watched the whole episode.

Not only was it good, it was extremely balanced and disciplined (as much as a TV show can be I guess). Morgan kept himself out of the camera for the most part and I felt this episode was one of the most fascinating short documentaries I've ever seen.

I didn't feel like Spurlock or the show's producers were taking things out of context or juicing the subjects for emotion. The outbursts and tears in the episode felt expected and normal rather than exploitative.

On top of this, the section where Spurlock actually goes on camera to visit a sperm bank, I was actually laughing out loud at his quips. Did I just laugh at a Morgan Spurlock shenanigan?

Seeing this made me realize how much better a guy like Spurlock is when he has 2-3 really good producers tweaking and polishing his creation. I know for a fact that my last film wouldn't have been as good if Bryan and Elias weren't breathing down my neck about some of the crazy ideas I came up with. Maybe Spurlock should keep this in mind when he does his next documentary.

Anyways, I think I might pick up the DVD seasons of "30 DAYS" now.

Watch the Mormon Wife vs. Gay Couple episode here.

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