Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I spent the evening putting finishing touches on my short film and watching close to 4 hours of coverage of the Democratic National Convention. Here are some of my thoughts:

Nancy Pelosi is a stooge and I hope Cindy Sheehan kicks her ass.

Jesse Jackson, Jr lit up the night pretty darn good.

Ted Kennedy is called the "lion" for very good reasons. Dude was bed ridden yesterday and he just tromps up there like he's storming Normandy beach. He gave an electric speech and delivered it in seasoned, classic Kennedy style. "I'll be back there on the floor come January...!" He had brain surgery and he's already rolling his sleeves up and getting back to work. God love him.

Michelle Obama finished the night off with a deep and emotional speech that had many in the audience in tears. She spoke of the humble beginnings of both her and Barack's life, how they met (hint: it wasn't adultery like McCain), and then talked about wanting to change America for her daughters and for all the children of America. Her two little girls came on stage and Barack appeared via satellite. Little Sasha grabbed the mic from her mom, "Hi, Daddy!" The talked briefly back and forth and then Barack: "I'll see you Thursday".

Post-Show Bobblehead Highlights:

FOX NEWS' Juan Williams actually gets choked up and teary while talking about the importance of Michelle Obama's speech. Williams, a black man, thought it sent the perfect message to not only the entire country, but specifically to black families. He said, "There they were, a happy family on stage, who had pulled through trials, and were sticking together in love. That's an important message".

Right after Williams' impassioned comments, Fred Barnes, a white FOX NEWS panelist said, "Meh, her speech was lackluster..."

On MSNBC, Pat Buchanan was adamant that the night was a failure. "Michelle didn't even address Christianity," he said bullheadedly. Chris Matthews snapped back, "This wasn't the Democratic Christian Convention, Patttttttt...." Rachel Maddow, who I would love to bear children with if she swung that way, told Buchanan, "Michelle's speech was actually the opposite of the hateful speech you gave at the 1992 RNC..." Snap.

I watched also watched a bit of the CSPAN post-game coverage which featured a score of callers. It blew my mind. Out of the 20 or so call-ins, about 12 or so were ANTI-OBAMA. Not only were they anti-Obama, but they kept saying things like "Hi, I'm in Kansas and I refuse to vote for a Muslim" or "Hi, I'm in Alabama and that new book says Obama forged his birth certificate and he's not even American." CSPAN actually let these knuckleheads go on the air. Then there were the Hillary freaks who called to say, "I'm voting for McCain cuz I have serious daddy issues" or "Michelle Obama is so fake, Hillary is the real deal" blah, blah, blah. WTF.

All in all, a successful introduction of the Obama family to America. But, as we all know, it doesn't matter what WE think. It matters what the JUDGES think. Who are the judges? CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and every single newspaper in the country. They're the ones who will decide if it was a successful night for the Demos or not.

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