Saturday, August 02, 2008

Jesus Freaks Trying to Control the Vagina

This is mass madness.

It's an uncontrollable diety-like urge to control how and when a female can get impregnated.

In the name of religion, George Bush has proposed a new act to take away more reproductive rights of women and to protect crazy loon doctors who refuse birth control in the name of Jesus Christ.

Here's a sum up:

"Under the guise of rules to protect antiabortion nurses and doctors from discrimination in hiring, a proposed new regulation would expand the definition of abortion to include any form of contraception that can work by stopping implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. This can include common birth-control pills, emergency contraception, and the intra-uterine device, or IUD. Doctors who refuse to perform abortions for reasons of personal conscience already are protected by law."

Mormon Mike Leavitt (the head of the fucking U.S. Health and Human Services) has thrown in his support of this paleolithic proposal.

More from the madness:

"At some point in their lives, 98 percent of US women use birth control. The proposed rule, while claiming to protect the rights of nurses and doctors, would interfere with patients' rights. A woman seeking treatment could be denied birth control and not even be aware that the service was available - only denied to her because of the unexpressed personal beliefs of the practitioner."

It is my opinion that any doctor, ANY doctor who refuses a woman birth control because of his belief in space aliens should lose his license ON THE SPOT. If I were a woman, I would make it a point to bait known Dr. Jesus Freaks, have them deny me birth control, and then sue the pants off them.

Hitting them in wallet is what will work. Hitting them in the balls definitely won't work. These men apparently don't have any.

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