Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Blatant Racism led to Free Press which lead to An Apology which led to More Free Press which has led to Opportunity.

Welcome to Utah.

So, a bunch of shitheads in West Valley, Utah developed a sock puppet monkey, with a black face and a "Obama" name tag. They called their company The Sock Obama, which is contracted through a larger, national company called Binkley's Toys.

This caused a gigantic outrage over the blatantly racist toy. In an "apology", Binkley's Toys owner, Rob Bishop said, "he and his staff did not see any racist connection". He then said that all production of the Obama monkey would stop immediately.

Then came all the free press covering the controversy.

Smelling money, the Utah company (headed by a
David and Elizabeth Lawson) have decided to now sell the Obama monkey independently.

They said:
"In the good ol' fashion spirit of entrepreneurialism, free enterprise has been censored, and TheSockObama politically plush toy has been discriminated against in the marketplace of the United States of America..."

They then said it was a "hypocritical double standard" that other companies sell George Bush Monkey dolls.

They then clarify that "we are not Mormons".

Christ, I would hope not.

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