Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fryer

The Utah Republican Congressional Primary was held and it seems as though one of the most preposterously conservative congressmen Chris Cannon has been unseated by a kid named Jason Chaffetz who campaigned on a platform that said a man who was destructively too conservative was, indeed, not conservative enough.

I know, I know. This is real through the looking glass kind of stuff, but it seems as though sanity, reason, sound policy and family values has a new enemy and his name is Jason Chaffetz.

I implore the family values voters of Utah's 3rd congressional district to make sure a man that will surely be destructive (and ineffective) in the congress in our name to make sure that we vote for a real family values candidate. The real family values candidate is one that will make sure that our children have universal healthcare, our senior citizens are able to afford both the cost of living and medical attention, our unemployed can find work in federal works programs and the utility companies are forced out of lobbying and back into regulation that will get our economy on track.

We need a congressman who is going to ensure that our economy and dollar is stronger than it was when George Bush (finally) leaves office, one who understands that the Bush tax-cuts are preposterous and understands that you have to levy taxes for what you plan on paying for.

We need a congressman who understands that the relationship between families and the government needs to be one of symbiosis, one that enriches the lives of our people and makes their lives easier and happier.

That candidate is NOT Jason Chaffetz.

Chaffetz is wrong on ALL the issues important to families. Right on his website he talks about how we won't vote to expand SCHIP, offer hard working immigrants to our country a path to citzenship, gut federal programs, continue our folly in the Middle East, allow guns in our national parks and force the Deparment of Education out of business and foist the onus of education solely on state and local governments.

Clearly, this is madness.


There you go.

A Vote for Jason Chaffetz is a vote to extend our long national nightmare of the last 8 years and we need to make sure we do everything we can to make sure a man like this stays out of office.


Doug said...

I get it. If we want a family values candidate what we want is a Communist, someone who will provide all our needs through government.

Someone should have explained this a long time ago. We could be enjoying all the things they have in Cuba and China, already!

Unknown said...

It's funny the ideological labels that you put on things that prevent from seeing what they are. It doesn't matter what helping your fellow man is called. Communisim, Fascist Anarchism, Democracy.

Personally, I'm an Atheist who believes in the philosophical values of Christ and I think it's true that Jesus would be more in favor of communism than the perverted and distorted version of capitalism that we have today that allows rich men to exploit poor (either monetarily or with civil rights) men (Enron vs. California, Bush vs. Everybody, Anti-Marriage Christian Conservatives vs. Homosexuals and on and on and on.)

We need to vote where it will help people, not corporations. And we need to vote to help people regardless of their national origin. Would Jesus preach any less?

Doug said...

Jesus would preach much more. I mean the Jesus of history, not your imagination.
Jesus did not believe, as you do, that giving all power to the government was "helping people" as you do. That is Communism. That is tyranny, regardless of the rhetorical justification. He espoused faith in a supernatural God at the center of his idelogy and dependence on that God, not government. No atheist could agree with Jesus' ideology, not the historical Jesus. That's why you have to make up your own Jesus, a "Jesus" compatible with total governemnt control of all society. That was the antithesis of what he taught and the antithesis of Judaism up to his time.
Of course he was concerned with the poor (and all men). That's why he taught about private property and the principles that became the building blocks of free enterprise, coupled with personal and sexual morality.
Socialism expands poverty.
Free Enterprise, bounded by moral laws, expands prosperity.
If you care about the poor you will oppose Socialism. If you hate righteousness and the rule of Law you will work for Socialism. You will call freedom "Capitalism" (Marx's term) and think of it the way Marx did. You will be pursuing the reconstruction of the Soviet Union, complete with the Gulag, like it or not.
There is Freedom and there is Government Control.
Communism is total Government Control (using the dissolution of private property and private enterprise as an excuse).

Unknown said...

Since Jesus didn't actually neccesarily exist and the Bible is, at best an allegorical philosophy book, I think as an atheist I can agree with the brunt of Jesus' ideology (which is the same as Budhas and Mohammeds and Zeus' and on and on and on). I don't know exactly what Jesus you were taught about, but before I realized that there was no reason to combine the philosophy of Jesus and a bearded sky deity, I went to Sunday School every week and Catechism class every Thursday night until I was 19 years old.

But the Jesus I was taught about in Sunday School taught that you need to care for the poor and heal the sick. He taught to share with your fellow man and that the sinners were the business men and the money changers. I was taught that after Jesus' crucifixion, the apostles formed a commune and even had everyone in their community pitch in to pay for things like a community healer (read Universal Healthcare.) The Jesus I learned about was forgiving of everyone and didn't pass judgment on anyone based on their race, creed, color or sexual orientation.

Which Jesus is it that taught that we should keep vital healthcare and medicine from people?

What Jesus was it that taught that we should allow corporations to do whatever the hell they want to in order to turn a better profit?

Which Jesus was it that taught that people who love each other should have less rights than other people that love each other?

What Jesus was it that said that we should keep to ourselves and not help anyone else?

I think the Jesus you're looking for is the Republican Jesus. The one it seems as though you have created in your imagination to justify your twisted greed.

And seriously, if Marx is more Christlike than Friedman and this freemarket capitalism crap that is the cause of the economic problems we're in, then so be it.

And to insinuate that democracy and the ability of the government to provide services to the people isn't only disengenous and morally reprehensible, but it's also intellectually dishonest. We can have a system in place that has the protections of democracy and to socialize what should be rights of the people (like the apostles did.)

Matt said...

I'm glad to see the anti-Christians trying to use Jesus in their pro-Communist propaganda.

The key word that socialists gloss over in their logic is "YOU." See, the government isn't supposed to take care of the poor and the needy, YOU are. That is how the greatest nations, communities and churches function. It is a personal issue based on actually caring for people, rather than some grand ideology.

You cannot force the greater good on people - communism creates a nanny state that impersonally tries to take over your life in the name of some "greater good." This path has proven to be a disaster historically, leading to mass murder, starvation and more.

The problems of our country and the world stem from individuals being apathetic toward the plight of the needy, and from people believing that everyone is entitled to everything good. You have to change the world from the inside out, that was the philosophy of all great spiritual leaders. Marxism leads to terror and misery in its attempt to enforce fairness. Most of us who support the idea of less government believe in the power of the individual to make a difference, and we'll show true charity and help our fellows in need.

Unknown said...

I'm not Anti-Christian, I'm simply Atheist Christian.

And the government is OF, BY and FOR the people. So, we need to nanny ourselves and the government is in place to help us do it.

And one is advocating an abdication of our democracy, which is what you seem to assume when you read things like Universal Healthcare.

Democracy is merely the best tool to take care of each other and it's the Christian thing to do.

Crooked said...

"See, the government isn't supposed to take care of the poor and the needy, YOU are."

I’ll stick to Democracy and let people decide what role the government should play. Try as they might conservatives have been unsuccessful at removing the role of government in helping the poor because by and large this is accepted and supported by the American population. Look at the miserable state of the health care system in this nation, people are demanding more government involvement, not less. In the US markets have completely failed in providing decent health care to citizens of this country, while other developed nations have adopted government management of the health care system that provides better health care to all of its citizens at a fraction of the costs spent in the US. The US spends the highest on health expenditures in terms of per capita and percentage of GDP out of OECD nations (despite the fact 15% of the population are uninsured) but ranks below the median in terms of resources and utilization.

tom said...

Oh, yes, that whole social darwinism free enterprise thing has worked so well for us, It allowed
1) unchecked pollution
2) tainted food (for humans and our pets)
3) child labor
4) asbestos in YOUR lungs
5) 5 dollar a gallon gas
6) jobs sent to INDIA, CHINA and the rest of the third world
7) 25% of all american kids go to bed hungry
8) a wonderful military industrial complex which gives us electrocuted soldiers in Iraq, private armies doing the bidding of WHO for WHAT (besides the God Mamon of Profit)
9) Wounded Soldiers in squalor due to outsourcing
10) felons and mentally unsound folk buying weapons at gun shows
11) Medicaid and Medicare UNABLE to BARGAIN for meds from DRUG COMPANIES
12) 45 thousand wounded heros from Iraq fighting in a war for oh what was it? What was the excuse THIS week (the enemy was and is in Afghanistan AND Pakistan) Pakistan by the way where Obama says we SHOULD go if Osama is THERE
13) Republicans in California refusing to kill tax breaks for the purchase of luxury yahts... hmm I pay taxes on my car purchases? I guess the RICH really need tax brakes
14) Rich Republican congresscritters preventing a minimum wage increase for 13 years
SO keep prattling on about the joys of unfettered capitalism, and I sincerely hope YOU HAVE HEALTH CARE