Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Barack Obama and the Kingdom of the Dismal Numbskulls

When he gave his speech at the DNC in 2004, Barack Obama stood out as easily the best speech of the night, upstaging even John Kerry (not really a feat?) I remember that I was in the middle of shooting "This Divided State". I sat in my living room and watched the DNC in its entirety. The night was full of passion, ire, and hope. George Bush had flushed the country away in only 4 years. The Democrats had a decorated war hero running for president. He was fluent in many languages (even English). He was intelligent and well spoken. He had an air of change around him. Many of us didn't see John Kerry, we saw a better future and a more stable society.

And he lost.

To a war criminal.

And now Barack Obama takes the stand. And he makes John Kerry look like a bumbling forth grader. He's passionate about unity, patriotism and change. He wants to help the poor with universal health care. He wants to focus on our suffering education system. He wants to have meetings with those who are at odds with us and he wants to talk to them about solving problems diplomatically. He gives speeches that bring tears to our eyes. We look to Obama and see a better future and a more stable society.

Deja Vu.

Is there a dismal pattern developing? Has America woken up yet? Are we still scared shitless? Are we still clinging to the candidate with the biggest gun? Are we still susceptible to falling for childish Republican "Swift Boat" arguments? Will we actually give a damn about Reverend Wright? Sweet Jesus, I hope we've woken up. God, I sure hope we have.

Barack Obama faces a Republican War Machine that has been backed into a corner and will fight like a rabid animal to remain at the top. They will fight dirty and with no remorse or dignity. They never do. They will spin, spin, spin, spin every ounce of dirt on Obama and they will throw that dirt into the eyes of American public, hopefully blinding us long enough for another stolen win.

Barack Obama is the super hero we've all been waiting for. Swooping out of the sky with a vision to save America from its descent into madness.

Let's hope that doesn't hurt him come November.

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