Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kriby Herborne Beer Commercial Deux

I wrote earlier last week about the "shockwaves" ripping through Mormon Utah due to one of their poster children being in a beer (devil juice) commercial. Having worked briefly with Kirby Heyborne and his gang, I trolled some Utah blogs to find out what people thought. I found that not only did people have strong opinions about it, but some of them had their entire lives shaken up. Debates have fired up Utah-wide about whether it was OK for Kirby to sin in order to feed his family. In the Mormon church, even the "appearance of evil" is considered a sin.

But, it turns out it's all OK. The great creator of the universe communicated with Kirby and told him it was OK to pimp the juice.

Kirby told The Daily Universe: "People may be upset that Heavenly Father sent a beer commercial my way," Heyborne said. "But we [my wife and I] were so thankful. We know that Heavenly Father is taking care of us."

Heyborne said he can talk to Heavenly Father with a clean conscience and that's all that matters.

"I'm a father and a husband, and I'm worthy to take my wife to the temple," he said. "I do my home teaching faithfully, and fulfill my calling with vigor. I have a firm testimony, and I love this church."

Can we give this guy some props? I mean, what a brilliant business move. With sales of his Mormon-centric products at risk, he pulls the classic "God told me so" shtick. Perfect.

In a totally un-related story, the Salt Lake Tribune had this headline this morning:

Swindler Played Faith Card in His Sales Pitch.


The Silent Observer said...

Hey Steven, since you have made the same promises as Heyborne on which you have now reneged, does that make you just as two-faced as he is?

Steven said...

I don't what you're talking about. What promises?