Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sundance Report #1

This is our first transmission from the festival.

Jason and Matt the Intern went out and put some posters up for us. I've been able to do some partying and what not, no postering for me.....

But... This is the story Jason wrote to recap their madcap adventures:
Matt the intern and I, got on a bus headed to Park City main street. Our mission: to put as many "Killer At Large" posters up as we could carry.

We found our seats in the back, the bus set off, no sooner did we see Quentin Tarantino walking by himself, five feet from my window.

What a good omen. It took about 10 minutes on the bus before we got to our destination. We decided to walk up main street first and find some good poster spots. We found a poster wall after a short walk and put some posters up.

Two NPR reporters saw us postering and asked us what the story was behind ours. The poster is an image of Osama Bin Laden presenting Americans hamburgers on a pallet that says weapons of mass destruction. I told them that it was a documentary about obesity, and that the idea behind the poster is that obesity is a bigger threat then terrorism. I lost my voice after the first sentence and kept repeating They asked us our names and then, let us on our way.

We put some more posters up until we got to the top of the hill that is main street, then crossed the street and put posters up on the other side. We passed by the mall and got them to put our postcards on there table, and then we put posters up in the front windows. Then we got to the main street deli and got a bite to eat, we asked for permission to put some posters in there window before we left, they said we could, and so we did.

We set out again and while we were walking a lady noticed the posters in my hand, and because the image was so cool she asked for me to give her one. We walked back to the side of the street we started on, to check on the first posters that we put up. There were a few left, but we noticed that Morgan Spurlock's people were targeting our posters and hanging up there posters directly over the Osama parts of ours, and in one case we found that someone ripped down and tore one of our posters.

It would seem to be the Spurlock poster people, but I can't say for sure. We re-posted a few of the posters and then went back to the bus stop.

The first bus that came that could have taken us back to our hotel was ravaged by hundreds of people that were afraid of the cold, the bus filled up to the point that we couldn't possibly get on. A guy that was behind us was being cynical and said that we should form some sort of union to get on the next bus. I didn't know how to reply to that so I said "Geez, I was on one of those teams that fit fifteen people into a phone wbooth, and I wouldn't get in that bus." then he said, "don't you have to put people on top of people to all fit in?"

The fish took the bait and so I said "hell yeah."

"I always wondered, how do you get out of there after you're in?"

I felt bad about lying to a complete stranger and said "I was lying."

"Really? You were not on one of those teams?" There was no sarcasm in his voice, his world was shattered.

We stuffed into the next bus, and I couldn't help but notice that he was not talking to anyone else, I murdered the last bit of trust he had in strangers.

I avoided eye contact the rest of the trip back to the hotel.


And, so there you have it.

I'll post pictures up later. Jason took pictures of the torn posters as well as the well placed ones. And Steve and I took some pictures at the parties we went to.


Look for those.

In the meantime, tell everyone about Killer at Large.

UPDATE: Now with pictures!

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