Thursday, January 03, 2008

OBAMA - Money Well Spent

I remember watching Barack Obama's speech during the 2004 DNC and being blown away. I remember saying to a friend who was there with me... "that guy should run for president".

Well, now, of course, he is running for president. And I feel pretty confident in him.

3 months ago, I gave the Obama campaign $100 of my hard earned money.

Since then, I've been too damn busy to even lift a finger of activism towards the cause and so I've become a bit apathetic to it all.

But, tonight Obama won the Iowa caucus. As you should know, Iowa plays a big part in deciding who gets the eventual nomination for president.

So, I'm excited again.


Stenar said...


Steven said...

Yes, Stenar, "Go Hillary".

We totally need another corporate hack in the White House.