Sunday, August 05, 2007

San Diego 2007

Jason, my little brother, found that the panel programming at the con left something to be desired. While I occupied myself with various things, he took to taking pictures of things and people and the con.

So, without further ado, here's Jason:

There were not as many good panels as there had been in the past so I decided that I would try to entertain myself by taking pictures of D-list celebrities that no one cares about at the con. Here is what those pictures look like: (be sure to click on them for larger versions!)

.This is Dave Prowse. Darth Vader from Star Wars
has no one to talk to.
How did this happen?
And here's Wil Wheaton, Star Trek's Wesley Crusher,
browsing around the con as a fan. Please.
Here's Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan from Tron.
Also make sure to notice, Boxleitner's shame.

Here's Lou Ferigno so lonely that he's reading his own book.
Since no one recognized him otherwise,
Ferigno took to
wearing a shirt with
himself on it, thus attracting nerds...

I decided that I would need to find something else to keep me busy. Which I did in the form of “Losers Foiled in Costumes” Here are the pictures of some of those:

Loki and the Enchantress came first and I thought the
theme of this photo set might be "geriatric people in costumes..."
The fifty-plus Hogwarts students helped out on that front....
You can't tell in this picture, but this costume lit
my head on fire. You know, because it's so good.
Two-Face/Harvey Dent. Ta-da!
The funny thing about this picture is
he's only four-foot-three.
Not even this guy went to get Boxleitner's autograph.
I asked this guy to keep his glasses on for the picture but he just wouldn't.
He told us that he actually auditioned for X3 and got the part, but they cut his scene.
I pray this Etrigan is in on the joke...

And here's the Star Wars section:

I asked him to show me what it would look like to use the force.
This man agreed to take this picture only after adjusting his wig.
This is actually just one half of a duel.
I was going to put this in a different section,
but Bryan had to fill me in on the
that this was supposed to be an Ewok.

After several pictures, even this got a little boring. So I decided that I would start directing the pictures by telling them to do really extreme poses. This made the pictures seem a little funnier.

This Vash didn't have a gun, so I told to pretend that he had one. My little brother Anthony
didn't think that was funny, even in the slightest.
I asked him if he had a good pose. He promised me that
he did and boy did he deliver!

But on our way out of the convention center, we spotted the coup de grace in the form of this dead ringer for Harrison Ford:


NateDredge said...


Steven said...

I sold my Coachella tickets to make a movie.

You're a fucking nerd. Suck my balls.

Bryan said...

What does Jason taking pictures of nerds have to do with your Coachella tickets?

Steven said...

This post of you vacationing in an orgy of Nerd-dom came 2 days before a post entitled "Busier Than God".

Go fuck yourself, Bryan

Anonymous said...

watch your back bryan, you might get something sharp in it, no one talks shit about people trying to have fun at these cons, Just because we caught you fucking another guy in the bathroom does not give you the right to "POKE" fun at everyone else, dickless.

Bryan said...

So, the "anonymous" commenter from above (from Oakland, CA, IP address: seems to think it's not okay for Jason to poke fun at people at cons.

I find it ironic as someone trying to have fun at the con is being given shit by someone angry about people being given shit about wanting to have fun at the con.

You're not to be taken seriously, man....

(also, using deductive reasoning skills, it seems as though this guy found the site looking for pictures of the Enchantress from the '07 con and found this site. I wonder if it's the geriatric Loki from above. It's a rad costume, to be sure, but....)