Tuesday, August 21, 2007

11 short films in 9 months

Joel Petrie, the fellow who did Romeo and Juliet and did D.P. work on The Fleapit Three, is embarking on an odyssey in which he hopes to complete 11 short films of quality in 9 months.

He's started blog about it.

I'm told I'm writing the Romantic-Comedy short.

Also, in case any of you are wondering where I've been with the short stories, I've been working on too many other projects. I've got two documentaries we're working on, some comic shorts, some film shorts, cartoon proposals, proposals for other films and other things of that nature. So, short story writing has, unfortunately, taken a back seat.

So.... There's a quick update.

Things are going well.

Also, on a sidenote: Has anyone else seen SuperBad? I haven't, but I've had no less than four different people call to tell me that it was very much like "The Fleapit Three" with a budget and that it seemed as though Elias and I (along with my little brother) wrote it.

Anyone seen both? Is this true?

This almost makes me want to see it....

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