Thursday, July 12, 2007


The immigration bill was supposed to be that one thing that could have saved George Bush's legacy. That one thing he got done and could be proud of. That one thing he could look back on and say, "You see? I wasn't that big of a fuck up."

Well, it's too bad it went down in flames. Along with the rest of Bush's legacy.

So you can understand how put off George felt when a 13 year old girl stood up in a recent question and answer in Ohio and asked him about the status of the immigration bill.

He sarcastically answered with a wry, "Yeah... thanks...".

The audience of 400+ Kool Aid Drinkers erupted into laughter.

The little girl started crying.

When are we going to elect an actual leader in this God-forsaken country? What part of "Anyone But Bush" did the majority of you not get in 2004?

He's killed thousands and know he's making our daughters cry.

Get fucked, Red America.

I couldn't find a photo of the little Ohio girl crying, so here are some pictures of other little girls George Bush has brought to tears:


Cat Woman said...

Jesus Steven... Harsh...

Amirawwks said...

What does the immigration bill has to do with all the girls?