Monday, November 05, 2007

Too Fat for A 'Small World'

I've got a new piece up on Huffington Post.

It's called "Too Fat for A 'Small World'"

Check it out and let me know what you thought.

UPDATE: It go syndicated on Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

Do you weigh more than 175 pounds? If so, you're one of the fatties the ride is being revised to accommodate.

Do you really think making fun of fat people and shaming them is the way to get them to lose weight? Would you write in this same manner about people of a spiritual persuasion? Cause, you know, that's also a choice.


Steven said...


I just think Bryan was simply expounding on a few facts of life.

Back in the 60's, people didn't weigh as much as they do now. Consequently, Disneyland has to shut down and revamp one of their rides because of that.

It's just the facts.

No sense getting all pissy about it.


Bryan said...

It's not really making fun of people to point out facts.

Also, I may be overweight still, but I've lost 30+ pounds working on this film and it's still coming off.