Monday, November 12, 2007

BYU Fiasco Mini Update: They Talk the Talk

Seems like Brigham Young University has had quite a few politically charged dealings in the past couple years (arresting pro-gay demonstrators who held a very silent protest on campus, firing multiple professors for, I don't know, breathing, inviting Dick Cheney to speak at graduation, canceling the Social Work major while still dumping money into football, denying students, who want to help out the poor, permission to protest, etc, etc.)

But, at the end of the day, they just talk the talk. Not many at BYU walk the walk. Even if that only means walking a few blocks to the voting booths.

BYU had the lowest voter turnout for Utah County elections.
That means, in a county with two HUGE cities and two HUGE colleges, the loudest, most ambitious entity simply phoned it in.

Bravo, BYUites, the Lord is truly your shepard. And you are truly his sheep.


Rob said...

A non-vote is a vote for the status quo. Obviously everything is a-ok on the bright end of the valley.

Anonymous said...

Hey dumbass, go back and read the article and pay attention to the first word and the last sentence.

Steven said...

I did.

Anonymous said...

You need to work on your reading comp Steven.

Steven said...

What the fuck ever.