Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another BYU Fiasco

Brigham Young University students wanting to utilize their lives to better humanity just got fucked in the ass by the school administration. The Social Work bachelor's degree was canceled. Maybe helping out the poor and needy conflicts with BYU's honor code?

What makes it even worse, is that BYU canceled the major after students were already signed up and scheduled for it.

Anyways, students who actually have a bit of sanity decided to lodge a protest against BYU's mind-boggling act of douchery.

They wanted to try and reverse the decision because they wanted to continue their studies in social work and eventually help out less fortunate brothers and sisters worldwide.

Their "application" to protest was flatly denied.

David Magleby, dean of the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences, found a loop hole in the rules and was quickly able to shut down these raging, liberal students from speaking up about helping the poor and needy.

Having not gotten laid for over 20 years, David Magleby takes his aggression out on poor folks around the world.

For those of you saying, "Are you fucking serious?", please watch this video...
NOTE: For those of you dumb enough to ask, this video is from April 2007 when Dick Cheney was invited to BYU.

My suggestion to these students is to take this story to the press week after week with the statement, "We would like to help out humanity through social work and we would like BYU to allow us to do so."

"Please, BYU, will you let us help the poor and needy? Pleeeaaasssseeeeeee???"


Anonymous said...

Clever editing there at the end. Didn't hear anything about social work.

Anonymous said...

Your little deception has been exposed, Greenfeet.

Mitch said...

Was this footage recorded with someone's camera phone? It looks and sound awful. This doesn't seem to be anywhere near broadcast quality. I think you could probably post it on youtube though.

best of luck with your camera phone web video project.

Steven said...

Oh, oops. I forgot morons sometimes read this blog.

That video was a different instance of BYU being a fucktarded state of fascism.

Back in April, when Dick Cheney was invited, students protested, etc. The video shows what happened.

I mean, didn't you watch the fucking video? There are titles and dates and all the information you need to avoid making dumb ass comments like the ones you made.

jeff be nimble said...

yeah, the audio and video quality really sucks. thank goodness for imovie, now any dumbass can take his cameraphone footage, put some titles on it and post it on youtube.