Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why Obama Blew the Health Care Question

At the debate tonight a woman in the audience asked Obama, up front: "Should health care be treated as a commodity?"

The moral and ethical answer is, "No."

Obama's answer? A laundry list of what his plan will do, but no answering of the question. His plan was laden with health care policies that co-exist the status quo. This is unconscionable.

Health care should not be treated as a commodity and suddenly it seemed as both major party candidates agree on something.

If our right to treatments to save our lives is based on our ability to pay for a "commodity" then the soul of our nation and our beliefs has been damaged irreparably.

Obama needs to clarify his answer. And if he truly believes that health care should be a profit-centered commodity, then maybe he's not fit to be the president.

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