Thursday, October 09, 2008

SOUTH PARK - "The China Problem"

I won't spoil the topic of the show. Only this quote:

"I would rather be Chinese than a nation of unethical dick shooters."

Oh, and if you like George Lucas, don't watch this episode.


Unknown said...

This is why i don't watch south park, since these guys are abrasive, libertarian morons.

... said...

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are probably two of the most brilliant people walking the Earth today.

And what's wrong with being an abrasive Libertarian?

Unknown said...

Two of the most brilliant? They're egomaniacs who write a marginally popular cartoon.

But I can understand your deep admiration for fellow egomaniacs....

Also, abrasive libertarians are both obnoxious and generally wrong.

... said...

Ok, so I'll rephrase: Two of the most brilliant egomaniacs in the world.

And you've never watched South Park.

You're like one of those "Michael Moore Republicans" who says Moore's an "abrasive egomaniac" without having really read or watched his stuff.

And defining libertarians as "generally wrong" is "generally" weak.

Don't be hatin' just cuz South Park showed Lucas and Spielberg anally raping Indiana Jones.

Unknown said...

I saw the movie. I also watched more than a few episodes you made me watch. And while some of them had relevant points, you could still get the feeling that they think they're better than everyone.

And I think Libertarians are "generally" wrong because their philosophy is something I fundamentally disagree with.

... said...

Strange. I never saw a cartoon as something elitist. But it's fine if you dislike it.

And, yes, thanks for clearing up that Libertarians are generally wrong because you disagree with them.

Anyways, did you watch the Indy/Rape episode?

Unknown said...

No. I think people who think Lucas and Spielberg "raped" their "childhoods" are morons and don't need to see it in cartoon form.

Unknown said...

If you dont get this cartoon... go to ebay and buy a sense of humor.

Unknown said...

it's new news. today i watch south park season 1. season 1 is very intersting